ROCCAT Kone Air Wireless Gaming Mouse

Designed for versatility, offering both gamers a wireless mouse that can be used for both work and play. The Kone Air mouse is equipped with technologies Designed to help PC gamers achieve maximum in-game performanceLike the 19K DPI Owl-Eye optical sensor with TITAN switches, Rokat says.

Capable of being powered by two AA alkaline batteries for maximum battery life or one battery when a lighter mouse weight is required. The wireless gaming mouse features a dual-injection rubber side grip, 9 buttons on 17 programmable inputs.

Available for pre-order starting today at $70, £60 or €70 ROCKAT KONE AIR The wireless gaming mouse will officially launch in the middle of next month on November 14, 2022 and includes lag-free 2.4GHz wireless connectivity for fast-paced gaming, or Bluetooth for productivity on the go.


ROCCAT Kone Air Wireless Gaming Mouse

“ROCCAT’s ergonomic Kone mouse design has been perfected through years of refinement, and the Kone Air is a PC gaming mouse that’s also purposefully designed to be productivity-friendly,” said Rene Corti, ROCCAT founder and general manager of computer peripherals at Turtle Beach. “The multi-button design of the Kone Air is great for both gaming and productivity. Plus, you can make the weight lighter for gaming, or simply enjoy the look, feel and incredibly long battery life.”

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