Revealing the Death Star of Andor Makes the Original Trilogy Darker (and Better)

WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS for Andor season 1, episode 12.Andor The reveal of a Season 1 post-credits scene about the Death Star serves to change star WarsThe original trilogy, making it darker and better. One of the biggest mysteries across Andor Season 1 was about the question of what Cassian Andor, Keno Lowe, and the other prisoners in the Imperial Prison are up to. Despite Cassian’s escape and two other episodes that took him away from prison, the closing moments of the season confirmed theories that they were building parts for the Death Star.

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The Death Star appears Andor The post-credits scene in Season 1 is a huge development, but it doesn’t directly affect Cassian’s story in Andor Season 2. His journey will eventually take him towards the Death Star, but not until the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Instead, the effect persists star Wars On a larger scale, especially the original trilogy and specifically New hope. The Death Star was already a symbol of the Empire’s power, but knowing more about its construction, and the methods people used to create it, makes it even more terrifying and adds a new human cost to the battle station.

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Building prisoners in the shape of the Death Star completes the transformation of the Empire of Andor

The prisoners helping to build the Death Star is a devastating and dark revelation, as they learn the amount of torture they were subjected to and the terrible deeds the Empire would perform. But this isn’t a development that exists in isolation – it may be stinging after the credits, but it fits perfectly with AndorPhotography Empire. More than anything else star Wars media before that, Andor Dive into how terrible and dangerous life under imperial rule can be. It shows the different methods they used to control people, from deploying troops on the ground to changing laws and issuing sentences on a whim.

getting into the daily inner workings, Andor It makes Empire truly intimidating and proves how it creates an oppressive and stifling existence for those over whom it has power. She is indifferent to her people, only to hold on to and consolidate her power. There is a tragic loss of freedom that appears best Andor, whether it was literally in jail or not. We take AndorCaptive of many of them there for absolutely no reason, they build the Death Star, the Empire’s greatest show of force, completing this part of the story on a thematic level as they pay off the mystery of the first season.

Revealing the death star of Andor makes the original Star Wars trilogy even better

Andor Episode 12 Death Star Construction 2

AndorThe reveal of the Death Star fits with its own story and themes, but also helps reframe and deepen it star WarsThe original trilogy. Empire was already a very clear depiction of the fascist regime, but now there is a much greater understanding of how it really works which makes it even more terrifying. The Death Star that destroyed Alderaan, for example, is all the more unsettling knowing that the Battle Station was built by prisoners who were forced to do so, with no knowledge of what was going on. At the same time, this also makes Rebel Alliance victories – especially the destruction of the Death Stars in New hope And the Return of the Jedi – All sweeter.

Besides its focus on empire, Andor Show how different rebel factions are beginning to come together. It correctly demonstrated the true human cost of fighting against the Empire – not only the loss of life, but what people had to sacrifice within themselves in order to do battle, giving up their own hopes and dreams to ensure a future for others. The destruction of the Death Star is only possible because of this; Because people like Cassian and Kino Lowe are in prison. They may have unintentionally created the Death Star, but they actively helped destroy it and defeat the Empire. Andor Make star Wars‘Original Trilogy’ is darker, yes, but also more satisfying to watch.

All 12 episodes of the show Andor Season 1 is now streaming on Disney+.

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