Return to Monkey Island mega November titles for Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft may realize that 2022 hasn’t been a great year for first-party Xbox games, but at least it’s still pumping out merchandise for Game Pass subscribers.

Today the company revealed a bumper crop of 12 games joining the subscription service throughout the first half of November.

If you’ve been fiddling with your fingers waiting for Starfield and Redfall in 2023, the likes of Return to Monkey Island, Vampire Survivors, and Football Manager 2023 might help you beat them.

Go back to Monkey Island (Cloud, Console, PC) which just launched for Nintendo Switch and Steam in September which is definitely a huge bonus for Game Pass subscribers. The point-and-click adventure follows the adventure of legendary Lucasfilm titles such as The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge. This arrives on Game Pass on November 8th.

Football Manager 2023 will join her, with both the console and PC version of Game Pass arriving on day one. The timing couldn’t be better with the Premier League close to splitting from the World Cup, but that means Football Manager 2022 (PC and console) will leave the podium this month. If you want to keep and saved games, there’s a 20% discount on the Xbox Store.

On November 10, Vampire Survivors (Console) makes the journey from PC to Xbox (plus PC Game Pass from today). It’s an old school arcade style attack. You have to use the weapons at your disposal to fight the hordes of vampires in the hundreds. The 16-bit graphics add to the charm of this game, which has improved since its initial launch in late 2021.

November Game Pass

Also available today: The Legend of Tianding (Cloud, Console, and PC) as a one-day launch, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – The Complete Season (PC), The Walking Dead: Michonne – The Complete Season (PC) . Ghost Song (Cloud, Console, PC) is another day to launch on November 3.

Elsewhere, Microsoft is adding Somerville (Console and PC) and Pentiment (Cloud, Console, and PC) on November 15, so since that’s only getting us into the middle of the month, there may still be more announcements to come.

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