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Please Turn ON CC for English Subtitles. Realme UI in its current state is still verysimilar to OPPOs new ColorOS 7 interface, albeit some visual differences still exist. Subsequent updates will probably distanceit even further from ColorOS. Here is the list of Realme UI Top 30 New Features. 1. Inspired by Reality :realme Lilt design elements are inspired from everyday life. The icons of Camera, Calculator, and Radiobring a sense of authenticity and are easy to recognize. 2. Young & Dynamic :With a bright and colorful theme, the new UI radiates youthful and energetic vibe. The main color palette is the result of thesynthesis of primary and secondary colors. 3. Designed for Functionality :realme UI is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy and fun to use.

Each icon features no more than three colorsfor a simple, elegant look. 4. Consistently Enriching :Real Design is used throughout the UI. Setting toggles, notification bar and panel,icons, and all other elements look visually consistent, bringing a sense of harmony andconsistency. 5. Golden Ratio Perfection:The default icons feature a round shape, designed by following the 0.618 Golden Ratio, whichis widely regarded as the most ideal ratio in architecture and art.

The result is a perfect and harmonious proportion,with rich aesthetic value. Based on research, each icon is a circle madeof 144 pixels, which gives an ideal pixel distribution and the perfect golden ratio. 6. Icon Customization:Make your realme truly unique by choosing between material, round, or pebble icon styles. Or express your personality by setting a customicon shape and size. Third-party apps are fully supported, so yourpreferred style is consistent and applied to all icons. 7. Screen Light Effects :Incoming calls and lockscreen notifications are displayed with a mesmerizing light effectthat loops around the edge of the screen. It is customizable and won’t go unnoticed.**Only suitable for OLED screens. 8. Always-On Display :Check the time, date, battery, and notifications at a glance even when the screen is off.

It supports multiple clock styles, or personalizedmessage with text or emojis.* *Only suitable for OLED screens. 9. System Themes :Inspired by users’ feedback and preferences, a wide array of original themes bring a wholenew look to your dialer, messages, phone twok, calendar, and more. 10. realme Iconic Ringtone:Let the world know you Dare to Leap with realmes most classic ringtone. You will be surprised with new varieties ofringtones by realme. 11. realme Dual Mode Music Share:Connect your bluetooth and wired earphones simultaneously, so you and a friend can listento the same song together, being played through the same realme smartphone.

12. Focus Mode :Focus Mode temporarily pauses select applications, mutes notifications, and plays ambient soundsto help you minimize distractions and get things done. Choose from Ambient Noise, Wheat Field, Waves,and Summer Night tunes to soothe your mood. 13. Riding Mode :Riding Mode lets you ode your two-wheeler safely by silencing all notifications andallowing calls from select contacts only, you can even set an automatic text reply forincoming calls. Incoming calls are also displayed with largerfonts and buttons. 14. Accessibility Mode:A vast array of accessibility features and settings are available for a more inclusiveand easy way to use your phone.

Only suitable for OLEO screens. 15. Simple Mode :Designed for those users who need an interface that’s more comfortable to navigate, SimpleMode makes the icons larger and easier to see and interact with. 16. Game Space:Game Space smartly allocates RAM and resources for optimal performance and power consumptionwhen gaming. An integrated Do-Not-Disturb mode blocks notifications,making for a more immersive experience. 17. Game Assistant:Game Assistant features a streamlined notification management, screen recording, and more specializedshortcuts. You can now conveniently check and reply toyour messages while gaming. 18. HyperBoost:HyperBoost accurately identifies tasks, dynamically schedules system resources, and smartly prioritizeskey scenarios to ensure the smoothest performance for every task. An array of advanced memory optimization andmemory management technologies ensures the phone will run as smooth as the first dayeven after a long time. 19. Random MAC Address Generator:Boosting your devices security and keeping your personal information private, realmeUI comes with a nifty feature to mask your MAC address when connected to Wi-Fi.20. Private Space:Encrypt photos, videos, audio files, and documents, and keep all your sensitive files privateby securing them with a password.

21. Payment Security:When payment apps are running, the phone will run system and WLAN security check so as toensure your payments will be safe. 22. Digital Wellbeing:Designed to help you monitor your phone and app usage, through Digital Wellbeing you canlearn how you use your device and take a break from it when needed. 23. Fraud Prevention:Accurately identifies and blocks viruses, phishing attacks, harassment and spam calls,and more potential threats to your privacy. 24. Quantum Animation Engine:Optimized and improved system animations make for a smoother then ever user experience. 25. New Weather App:The Weather app displays the current weather in the background for a more immersive experience. 26. Uninstall Apps:Uninstall applications from the home screen or app drawer in style with a whole new animation. 27. New charging animations:Realme UI brought bunch of New charging animations for standard and fast charging. 28. Three-finger Screenshot:You can now press, hold, and swipe downwards with three fingers to capture the selectedpart of the screen, or swipe all the way downwards for a long screenshot.

29. realme Share:realme, OPPO, vivo, and Xiaomi jointly set up the “Mutual Transmission Alliance, allowingtheir users to speedily share files with just one click and without using data or third-partyapplications. 30. Notification Tray:The notifications tray on the Realme platform seems reminiscent to Samsungs One UI, thoughinstead of squarish icons, the Realme UI features circular quick settings icons. Additionally, the selected quick settingsicon now has a uniform blue shade and the notifications tray can be swiped down fromthe middle of the screen. Thanks for watching. Please leave your thoughts in the commentbelow. Dont forget to like, share & subscribe..

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