realme is about to launch a low-cost smartphone with Dynamic Island like iPhone

Recently, realme India Vice President Madhav Sheth posted a photo on Twitter showing that realme is developing a new smartphone model. It is worth noting that this device has a “Dynamic Island” design, similar to the iPhone 14 Pro screen.

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Photo of realme’s upcoming smartphone model with features similar to “Dynamic Island” – Photo: The Internet

In the description of the post, Mr. Madhav Sheth shared that he is interested in the “realme Mini Capsule” feature, which is the name realme has given to the self-camera border notification feature similar to Apple’s “Dynamic Island”. He also mentioned that this feature will appear in realme’s low-cost C series. The post was later deleted, but Twitter users were quick to pick it up again.


Realme India VP original post on Twitter – Photo: Internet

The C series smartphone mentioned by the vice president of realme India is known to be the realme C55, which is an affordable smartphone equipped with a decent configuration.

Previously, a well-known tech leaker, OnLeaks, also posted a video showing a realme smartphone with the selfie camera limit notification feature. The video shows how realme designed the software so that it works just like how “Dynamic Island” works on the iPhone.

“Dynamic Island” on realme phone when charging – Source: OnLeaks

In fact, realme is not the first company to “follow” the iPhone’s “Dynamic Island” feature. Earlier in October 2022, Xiaomi introduced the first Android smartphone in the market with a dual selfie camera design placed in the middle of the upper border of the screen, very similar to the iPhone 14 Pro. However, despite having similar hardware, Xiaomi didn’t design the software to tap into this area the way Apple did.

realme is about to launch a low-cost smartphone with

Xiaomi Civi 2 with dual selfie camera design – Image: The Duyet

With realme, although it does not have the same design hardware as the iPhone 14 Pro, the manufacturer has designed the software to run smoothly, providing an iPhone-like user experience. This area will be the place to display quick notifications, which will likely be compatible with third-party apps in the future.

Currently, there is no information about the launch time of the new realme C smartphone. There is information that the device will be launched in March.

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