Rainbow Apple Stage Wallpaper: Download from Basic Apple Guy

The super creative and designed Apple Guy has come out with its latest wallpapers for iPhone, iPad and Mac. This gorgeous Apple Stage rainbow background features a vibrant, detailed design inspired by a realistic six-color texture created by Jony Ive.

Apple stage rainbow background

Basic Apple Guy shared the new Apple Stage wallpaper for iPhone, iPad and Mac on their website and Twitter This morning.

Along with the beautiful free background—you can tip the Basic Apple Guy to back his work—here’s a fun snippet from the creative process:

“But the process of achieving this design was completely serendipitous. I had the concept of dark wallpaper in mind, but it wasn’t like how this wallpaper would look in the end. In fact, the end product was the result of experimentation, narrowing and building on effects until I produced a design that I loved. It’s graphic design The equivalent of the Flock shot that you claim you intend to make all the time. I couldn’t be happier with the end result and proud to release it as a brand new wallpaper for your iPad, Mac and iPhone. Enjoy!”

Head over to the Basic Apple Guy website to download the new Apple Stage Wallpaper for your devices.

Six color stage background in Apple Park

Basic Apple Guy also shared details about creating a rainbow stage. 25,000 pieces make up the impressive custom build designed by Joni Ive.

“A one-of-a-kind, custom-built, 25,000-piece theater in six colors designed by Joni Ive himself – a final touch to Apple Park before his departure later that year. Colorful rainbows are a fun presence on campus and a popular photo shoot for staff and people lucky enough to visit campus. You might say I have a little for this arc, having released four wallpapers in the past 14 months that showcase Eve’s iconic creativity.”

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