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Rain World: Downpour is a major expansion for the survival adventure game Rain World first released in 2017. After its release, the Videocult development team has several notable updates that increase the very high replay value of the original game. Downpour is an expansion created from mods for more Slugcats in collaboration with several designers in the game’s community. This expansion was released on the PC platform in early 2017, but so far, it has only appeared on consoles, which is the first time that this game has appeared on the Xbox platform.

Rain World: Downpour adds five new slugcat control characters with unique skills and an all-new level design. Specifically, the Rivulet is notable for its ability to swim underwater and move easily between different environments. The Artificer possesses an aggressive nature with the ability to fight for fire and “boom”. Gourmand, by contrast, is greedy and loves to combine things in the environment. The Spearmaster is also surprisingly proficient with the spear, both in combat and in walking as his name suggests.

Finally, there’s the Saint with his long, narcotic tongue like the protagonist in Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, giving this “Saint” the ability to swing his tongue between sighting and climbing points that outsmarts his friends in both the original game and new characters in Rain World: Heavy Rain expansion. Notably, each character has their own adventure with brand-new environmental elements, and combines different levels of challenges, which greatly contribute to an exciting survival scene experience.

Rain World: Rainfall Game Review

It is worth noting that Rain World: Rain World: not just about the falling rain, but also allows players to discover themselves through the familiar trial and error experience. In addition to five new characters that offer five new experiences with different gameplay, this expansion also adds three new game modes: Expedition, Challenge, and Arena. As its name suggests, Expedition presents a random order each time you play that you must complete, while Challenge challenges the player’s survival skills according to the “rules” set by the developer.

True to its name, the Challenge game mode is quite challenging and contributes greatly to the replay value of Rain World: Heavy Rain experience. The arena is the most nice and relaxing compared to the rest of the game modes. To unlock this game mode, you must collect Safari Unlock items in the story play for the characters. Arena allows the player to control most of the creatures that he encounters in the Rain World to explore the level map, either as friend or foe.

In particular, Rain World: Downpour also comes with several tweaks in the Remix menu, making the experience less challenging than the original game in 2017. For example, the three settings for Remix, Classic, and Relaxed correspond to different overall difficulty levels and it doesn’t stop there. Relaxed is a preset that makes the experience more “relaxed” but not for those who just want to ride a horse to see the flowers. Classic is a setting that maintains the same level of difficulty as the original game, and Remix is ​​a mod balanced between classic and relaxed settings.

Rain World: Rainfall Game Review

Not only that, but you can also customize the above three settings according to each person’s needs and level. Not to mention the new difficulty and challenge settings in the story-driven gameplay, which greatly contribute to this expansion’s extremely high replay value compared to the original release. Even more interesting is the ability to customize the “course” the player must go through enough to complete the character’s story. If I’m not mistaken, the game has no cap and you can set a few hundred spins as well.

Also interesting is the new ending for the characters Monk and Survivor that were updated after the original game was released, requiring players to complete the Gourmand story-based gameplay to unlock them. Additionally, Rain World: Downpour continues to impress in terms of audiovisuals similar to the original game released in 2017. Each new area has a unique environmental design aesthetic, as well as friendly and slugcat-friendly creatures. The screen design is excellent though the same challenge.

Even if you don’t pay attention, you might not realize the pixelated pixelated graphics in Rain World: Rainfall experience the same as the original game. In addition, the expansion also supports local co-op for up to 4 players, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to test this feature due to time constraints and geographic distance with friends who can gather to play, especially when the difficulty is adjusted but still a “walk in the park” experience. The cool graphics support the standard background music which does not need to be adjusted according to the game situation.

Rain World: Rainfall Game Review

After all, Rain World: Rainpour offers a unique 5-in-1 survival experience that’s equally challenging. The biggest feature of the game is the varied gameplay as well as several new modes, providing an unforgettable game experience with many collectibles and a huge amount of content, which is enough to make a sequel rather than an expansion. Whether you are a new player or a veteran of the original game, this is definitely an indispensable part of the game. Top of the tower!

Rain World: Downpour is available for PC (Windows), PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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Rain world: rain
Rain world: rain

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Rain world: rain
Rain world: rain

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