PSB continues its 50th celebration with the launch of the Passif 50 . loudspeaker

Canadian brand PSB is celebrating its 50th birthday in 2022, and they have announced the Passif 50 to celebrate the milestone.

The design and technologies used in the Passif 50 benefit from five decades of research, honoring the Passif II speaker launched in 1974. As a token of gratitude, the first 500 units sold of the speaker will come with a handwritten message from PSB founder Paul Barton, and a QR code for the bundle Gifts include a duffle bag, a double-walled water bottle, and a keepsake keychain.

Described as exceeding that of older models, the speaker’s performance uses powerful neodymium magnets and titanium woofer damping for higher output, improved power handling, and reduced distortion. The phase plug in front of the tweeter dome directs the amplifier output for a wider and consistent dispersal of high frequencies claimed to be greater than the traditional sweet spot.

PSB says this results in a wide, deep sound range with extremely sharp imaging that does not depend on a precise listening position. The felt plate surrounding the amplifier is intended to reduce edge deflection to improve transparency and produce more stable imaging.

The 6.5-inch tweeter and 8-inch passive radiator feature die-cast aluminum baskets that resist flexing, along with split rubber tires that dampen the resonance off the cone for a smoother, less distorted response. All connections have been loosened to improve fit and finish in the heavy duty container. With dual five-link brackets, the Passif 50 can be two-wire or two-ampere.

Featuring what PSB describes as a modern aesthetic, the Passif 50 features ’70s-inspired elements like an open-grain walnut veneer cabinet, magnetic woven fabric nets, and custom holders. Other small design features include a pull tab on the front grille, which also bears the retro PSB logo that Barton hand-painted in his high school geography class, and a maple leaf back panel with the “Passif 50 – 1972” -2022 engraving.

Priced at $2,499 / £2,499 / €2999 / CAD $3,299, the Passif 50 will be available for pre-order online on August 1st with shipping starting in September.

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