Ownership, Funding Info and Advertising Policy

88gadget.info is owned and operated by 7Hops.com Inc. (dba Static Media), a Delaware corporation. We were founded in 2012 and backed by: Greycroft, BDMI, Lerer Hippeau, and Mark Cuban. For more information visit: www.static.com.

The vast majority of revenue that Static Media generates is from programmatic advertising through respected ad platforms such as Google. As such, the Static Media editorial staff are not heavily influenced by direct sales opportunities with brands or advertisers. The editorial staff are also not involved in operating the programmatic advertising business, making them independent of significant revenue generating activity. As our editorial staff is not involved in the ad experience, these ads do not reflect the views of Static Media but our operations 000 does their best to maintain a high standard.

In the event our business 000s closes an advertising campaign, affiliate link or sponsorship, the posts will be clearly labeled with a disclosure statement.

The Static Media editorial 000 has existing relationships with the major studios, networks, streaming platforms and other partners which can result in exclusive content and interviews. Our staff follows a thorough Ethics Policy which governs our objectivity and limits this influence.

We strive to have a diverse group of writers and editors to represent a variety of opinions and perspectives on the topics we cover. Read our ethics policy for full details.

Fact Checking Policy

Accuracy in reporting

We take our commitment to facts and accuracy very seriously. We take great pains to make sure we trace facts and information back to their original sources as often as possible, and include links to those primary and (if necessary) secondary sources for full transparency. If we can’t support an assertion, we don’t assert it.

In their own words

The best way to get a person’s story or opinion is to make sure that they’re the ones saying it. To that end, we make sure to use direct quotes from the subjects of our articles as often as possible. We never want to put words in someone’s mouth, so we take pride in making sure that we use our subjects’ quotes in fair and accurate ways.

Ethics Policy

When we cover people or events, we make sure to limit our focus to those who are in the public eye. We tend to cover celebrities and other public figures, but draw the line at invading the privacy of those who never asked for publicity or attention.

Additionally, whenever we publish an article, we work very hard to ensure that everything we write is accurate and up to date. Whenever we discover that we’ve made an error in any way, we make sure to update and correct those mistakes as quickly as possible.

Corrections Policy

Whenever we find we’ve erred or missed anything, we always go back to our articles and make corrections to be accurate and prevent the spread of misinformation. We take accuracy very seriously, and strive to make sure our articles are up-to-date whenever we’ve discovered that we’ve made a mistake.

An additional ‘Updated’ timestamp is added to the top of each article whenever we make changes.

If you have a correction for an article, it can be submitted at (908) 514-8038 or [email protected].