Pokémon Go: Team GO Rocket Takeover event guide

Team GO Rocket always lurks in the shadows of Pokémon Go, but every now and then, these bad guys come together for a takeover. This event brings new decks, a brand new Shadow Pokémon, and the chance to teach Shadow Pokémon new moves. Fortunately, here at iMore we have everything you need to know to get the most out of this event.

What is GO Rocket Takeover Team?

Team GO Rocket Takeovers are recurring events that feature new Shadow Pokémon, during which the Shadow Pokémon can be made to forget the frustration move. During the takeover, Team GO Rocket Invasions, in the form of hot air balloons and Rocket PokéStops appear frequently. During this Team GO Rocket Takeover, Giovanni will once again use Shadow Mewtwo, the most powerful Pokemon in the game so far. You won’t want to miss out on fighting and catching Shadow Mewtwo, so be sure to check out the best Pokémon Go accessories, so you’ll be fully equipped to send Team GO Rocket blasting back!

When is the next Team GO Rocket takeover?

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