Pixel Pump PCB Pick & Place Machine

If you spend your time prototyping PCB boards all small productions you might be interested in a new open source guide PCB Pick-up & Place Machine Created specifically forArtisan PCB“Say from the creators. Launched via the Crowd Supply website, the project has already exceeded the pledge target with 27 days left. Purchase options are available from $449 with plenty of additional accessories to buy separately if desired in the form of a second foot pedal. SMD magazine (8 pack) and more.

pixel pump It takes the form of a vacuum pump for manual SMT assembly and features an ergonomic stylus, foot pedal, RGB LED buttons, and a variety of features that make manual assembly even more enjoyable. “It is the ideal companion for SMT manual welding applications, from individual prototyping to small production runs“.

PCB Pick-up & Place Machine

Pixel Pump ships with a set of five stainless steel nozzles in each of five different sizes, with outer diameters ranging from 0.3mm to 1.8mm. With this set, you should be able to choose and place most SMD components, including items Small idle 0402, larger parts such as inductors, integrated circuits, and just about everything in between.Nozzles are held in place by a Luer lock sliding fitting that facilitates quick nozzle changes and wide compatibility with 3rd party nozzles.The pen itself features a barbed connection to the air hose and includes four steel nuts M8 to give it some heft and to enable magnetic association with the pixel pump.”

Touchable silicone buttons with RGB backlighting provide complete control of the unit. You can change operating modes, switch between high and low power settings, or activate the reverse mode to clean the nozzle. The buttons also allow you to configure things like vacuum power and LED brightness. The Pixel Pump contains A pressure relief valve that vacuums to ensure your part is released quickly when you release the foot pedal. Optionally, you can configure this valve to switch from suction mode to pressure mode, which cleans the nozzle quickly and easily in case you accidentally suck up debris like solder paste.”

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“The sintered air filter protects the vacuum pump and valves from debris that may be sucked into the system. It is accessible from the outside and can be easily cleaned and reused. Pixel Pump is primarily designed for individuals and organizations that make one-off prototypes, but is also well-suited for small production operations. It is very easy to use and is actually faster than an automated pick-and-place machine for smaller batch sizes, especially when combined with SMD magazines.”

Source: Crowd Supply

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