Pixel 6a faces early security concerns over fingerprint sensor

Early Google Pixel 6a users reported a security bug where anyone can access the phone through the fingerprint sensor.

Google’s latest affordable phone hasn’t been released yet, but there really seems to be a major problem ahead of its launch Thursday.

As Phandroid highlights, several early YouTube reviews of the Pixel 6a highlighted a flaw that anyone who could access the phone could see through the fingerprint sensor. Essentially, the sensor doesn’t seem to recognize or distinguish between individual prints.

One YouTuber explains this in the simplest way possible. Geekyranjit only registered his right thumb to the Pixel 6a’s settings menu, however he was able to unlock the phone with his left thumb.

Other YouTubers brought in completely different people to explain the issue.

It’s a major security concern before the release of what could be a very popular mid-range phone. Especially considering that Google has heralded the security of the M2 security chip as a key feature of the custom Tensor SoC.

Hopefully Google has a software update ready for launch day that can address this bug.

Far from that problem, our review found the Pixel 6a to be a good mid-range option, with excellent performance, a sleek design, and a reliable powerful camera. It’s not quite a well-balanced package like the OnePlus Nord 2T, but we gave it the same 4 star rating as the other average Ranger at the moment, Nothing Phone (1).

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