Pixel 6 case review: The reputation of Google accessories disintegrates

The Pixel 7 series is set to launch next month, and we figured this is a good time to talk about how poor the official state of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro has been over the past year.

From the Pixel 2 in 2017 all the way to the Pixel 5 in 2020, Google has introduced an official Canvas Case for its phones. By all accounts, these were absolutely excellent cases in terms of providing a decent amount of protection while staying fashionable. The official Pixel canvas cases also have the advantage of keeping the look with the rest of the broader Made by Google lineup, matching the fabric cover for the Google Home series of speakers.

This is not to say that Pixel canvas bags do not have their drawbacks. They need to be washed a little more frequently than your average phone case and have worn a bit over the years. From the Pixel 4a onwards, Google also introduced a large percentage of recycled materials into the fabric, which was a completely responsible choice but made the bags less pleasant to the touch.

Since then, starting with the Pixel 5a, Google has completely redesigned its official phone covers, taking a more traditional approach with a dual-layer plastic body. For the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, Google continued to use a dual-layer design, but made both layers transparent to better display the good looks of your phone.

I have personally used the official Pixel 6 Pro case from Google for the past 10 months, and during that time, my condition has steadily deteriorated, making my phone look worse and worse. It’s no exaggeration to say that this is the worst official case I’ve used with a phone, especially for a Pixel phone.

It all boils down to three main issues, the first of which is the yellowing of the issue itself. As many Pixel 6 owners pointed out earlier this year, the official Google cases are gradually taking on patches of darker color. Before long, the transparent film will make your phone look quite dirty and, frankly, unattractive compared to a solid-colored chassis.

But honestly, I can live with a Pixel 6 Pro that looks less than great in its condition; Appearances aren’t everything, after all. What really makes the case one of the worst I’ve ever used is the way it slowly deforms.

The problem starts small. Within a few weeks, you may notice that the soft areas around the volume rocker and USB-C port will begin to warp and bend out of shape. Over the 10 months I’ve used the official Pixel 6 Pro case, the warp has gotten worse – until bubble Back.

From what I can tell, the wrap around the volume rocker eventually beat the adhesive that was holding the two layers of the casing together. As soon as air begins to get between the two layers, it’s game over, as a huge bubble has formed in the back of the can. Within hours, it was so strange to hold the case in hand, that it became unpleasant.

At about the same time, another problem arose, although it may not be common for others. Between work and free time, I often need to remove the case from my Pixel 6 Pro to insert it into a controller from the likes of the Gamevice or GameSir.

The easiest way I know of to get the Pixel 6 Pro out of the case is to grab the top and push the camera bump out of the phone. However, where the camera is doomed is also unfortunately where the case is at its weakest, with a very thin piece of the hard plastic layer.

After removing and replacing the case a few dozen times, the plastic seems to have finally worn off, cracking in two places. With such a serious break, the cover no longer holds the Pixel 6 Pro enough to even pretend to protect it.

Pixel 6 Pro case, cracked when removed

On closer examination of the case, this fracture may or may not be related to the appearance of bubble, since the adhesive remains firmly in place on one side. The bubble aligns directly with the rocker size (where the adhesive is loosened as well) but curls upward toward one of the slits.

Overall, with yellowing, blisters, and cracking, the official Google case for the Pixel 6 series does not hold up for long-term use. In its official description, Google claimed that the case “highlights the phone’s design while keeping it protected,” which doesn’t sound right in my experience.

With the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro launching in the coming weeks, the official cases for these phones haven’t been leaked yet. I sincerely hope that Google will once again switch designs for the case or improve the adhesive, because at this point we simply cannot recommend purchasing the official Google option.

Compared to premium and unique cloth Pixel cases, these plastic alternatives have revealed our confidence in Google accessories.

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