Personalize your Xbox Elite Series 2 controller

Microsoft today announced the launch of a new design feature for it Xbox Design Laballowing players to customize Xbox Elite Series 2 controller for their exact requirements and color preferences from $149. The service allows you to choose from a range of different colors to customize nearly all the exterior parts of your Xbox Elite Series 2 console. Customize your controllers Body, rear case, D-pad, fenders, triggers, thumbsticks, buttons.

Whether you’re looking for a console designed specifically for yourself, a loved one, or a special player in your life, Xbox Design Lab provides you with a broad canvas to design the perfect console. Since the launch of Xbox Design Lab in 2016, the number one fan request has been to include consoles Elite in our unique customization program to enable even more customization of our premium console.Now you have billions of colorful ways to make the most customizable Xbox console your unequivocally yours! We can’t wait to see how fans reimagine what it is like to be elite.”

Custom Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

Xbox Elite Series 2 controller

“The best part is that the Elite Series 2 controllers are designed to be fully customizable with interchangeable components, so you can play with a specific setting that suits you best. Choose the right components to unlock your best game, such as metal paddles and differently shaped thumb sticks.”

Personalize your Xbox Elite Series 2 controller

“Add a custom-designed carrying case to fit your style and keep the console and components safe and organized. Mix and match colors on different parts until you’ve settled on a design unique to you and shipped straight to your door.”

Source: Microsoft

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