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Persona 5 Royal is a JRPG Persona 5 content expansion upgrade. Although the game retains the old plot, it adds new characters and details. This is actually the tradition of the main Shin Megami Tensei game series in general and Persona in particular. Not to mention, the previous game in this series also received a similar upgrade, Persona 4 Golden. However, changes big and small in these upgrades still make for a very exhilarating experience, even after you’ve played the original game.

From a player point of view, Persona 5 Royal is probably the best game in the Persona series as of the time of writing. The game has a running time of about 100 hours and this number can be doubled or even doubled if you are a perfectionist. Compared to the original game, the game has a few notable tweaks such as faster battle speed. The Royal Edition also includes all of the DLC ever released for Persona 5, such as character skins. This game also has a new class and two new social links.

Persona 5 Royal game review

Most notable is the appearance of the new character Kasumi who has joined the Phantom Thieves group compared to the old group. Accompanied by many new events that are incorporated into the original story to legitimize this character. There is also a new character who does not have a good time together, it is recommended that you spend as much time as possible with this character. The gameplay mechanics also have some interesting additions to the exploration experience such as Will Seed hidden in redesigned mansions, with shortcuts to make movement easier.

Collecting all three Will Seeds in the palace brings attractive rewards to your efforts. However, if you didn’t collect enough Will Seed before the mansion “collapses”, you don’t have to worry because there is NPC Jose to back him up and in exchange for the arcane flowers in Memento. In addition, this NPC also allows players to customize the “exploration stats” of the dungeons, such as increasing the amount of experience points received. Showtime is also an interesting new mechanic, allowing two characters to perform “board attacks” on an enemy.

In particular, some old bosses in the original may require new attack styles in Persona 5 Royal. You can also find new shops with brand new items in the new Kichijoji area, along with some new mini-games that expand the experience even more. The writer feels that the English dub also has an emotional and contextual adjustment. However, since the documentation provided by the developer doesn’t mention it, I’m just including it in the article for those of you who have plenty of time and want to check.

Persona 5 Royal game review

Compared to Soul Hackers 2 from the same developer, Persona 5 Royal PC version does not have much graphic quality customization. There are only basic options around, with frame rate cap settings at 30, 60, and 120, respectively. In this regard, I think developer Atlus can learn from the “father” of the Yakuza and Judgment series when bringing the game to the PC platform. In contrast, the PC version supports the mouse and keyboard experience quite well, although it does not interact perfectly with the game interface designed for the console.

If you intend to experience Persona 5 Royal all the time on the Steam Deck like the Nintendo Switch version, the sad news is that the game does not support the 16:10 aspect ratio on Valve’s console. This means that the game will display two black bars on the top and bottom edges of the screen. In contrast, the game experience performed very well on the Steam Deck, although there were certain frame drops in some areas. However, the writer had a little problem with the interface and some of the game’s transitions.

For example, text is pixelated and sometimes difficult to read, especially SMS. Similarly, Persona 5 Royal Switch version also has a few fragments with slight frame rate drops, but not to the extent of negatively affecting the game experience. Compared to the Xbox Series X, Nintendo’s system has less sharp picture quality and some textures seem a bit blurry, whether you’re playing the game in handheld or docked mode. However, Nintendo Switch gamers don’t have to sacrifice much in terms of picture quality in exchange for mobile gaming.

For those of you who didn’t experience the original game, Persona 5 Royal puts players in the role of the quiet high school student Joker. Upon returning from school, the main character witnesses a woman being bullied and acts in a bravura way. As a result, he accidentally injured his assailant and was sued by him, resulting in his expulsion and transfer to the only place he accepted, Choujin Academy. From here, Joker discovers the possibility of entering the Metaverse space and approaches the dungeons here with many surprises.

Persona 5 Royal game review

From the player’s perspective, Persona 5 Royal has a very deep story when exploiting the dark corners of the human soul. The game was written by a team of writers, so the story is excellent with dramatic and unexpected twists. Even the dialogues of the characters are very natural and bring a lot of breath to life, without creating a feeling of force. This contributes greatly to attracting players to the experience when the game exploits the aspect of character development and various relationships.

The gameplay in Persona 5 Royal is divided into two closely related aspects: everyday life and the Metaverse. Most of the time it revolves around being able to balance work on both sides. Most of them are time pressure when you have to complete the exploration and battle in the palace within a certain time frame, usually two weeks into the game. In daily life, the main character has to go to school and perform personal activities such as studying, washing clothes, or hanging out with friends.

All these activities take up a certain amount of time, while the daily time of the character is very limited. The most important feature of daily life is the Social Link system, which creates a deep relationship with other characters, and contributes greatly to helping players better understand the motivations and stories of each character. Not to mention that you should also know how to prioritize relationships because just like in real life, not everyone is always free to interact with you. Sometimes you have to spend some time with someone alone.

Persona 5 Royal game review

In other words, the social link is very important. In addition to interactions, players also receive support skills from the aforementioned relationships when exploring and fighting in the Metaverse space. On the other hand, the relationship in Social Link also affects how quickly people settle. Similar to Persona 4 Gold, Personas are “warriors” that represent the characters when fighting shadows in the Metaverse. This is also what you need to do after arranging the household chores and not having to get caught up in the main character’s part-time job.

Explore and battle in the Metaverse that contains two types of dungeons, the Palace and the Souvenir. While the Mansions are story dungeons, the Memento is a larger, randomly generated dungeon using the same algorithm as the dungeon in Persona 4 Golden. However, both types of dungeons are relatively linear due to their unique design, and rarely cause difficulties for players in the exploration experience. Fighting back is another story and also the brightest point of the Persona 5 Royal experience.

The game’s combat system is similar to a more complex version of Soul Hackers 2. Most of the enemies have weaknesses that the player can exploit. Correctly attacking their weak spot gives the character an extra turn. You can take advantage of this opportunity for various actions such as attacking for an extra turn, or using items or other party characters’ Baton Passes to give your teammates more turns and increased kill, hit, and heal power. In particular, the Baton Pass can be stacked to deal massive damage to enemies.

Along with the Baton Pass is the Hold Up! It gives the player the opportunity to claim the enemy. For example, make them your character or ask them for some money, even an all-out “all-out attack” on the enemy squad. Simply making use of the above mechanics to build offensive tactics brought a very satisfying combat experience. However, the battle system in Personal 5 Royal is not only possible, but also many interesting things that the writer wants you to discover when you try the game.

Persona 5 Royal game review

After all, Persona 5 Royal offers a very unique immersive experience. The game has everything from an emotional story to excellent audiovisual aspects, including both English and Japanese dubs. It’s hard to find the negative point of the game without deliberately examining unimportant details. If you love RPGs, this is definitely a must-have name in your game library.

Persona 5 Royal is available for PC (Windows), PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Game copyright © ATLUS © SEGA.

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Persona 5 Royal



Persona 5 Royal
Persona 5 Royal

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