PERGEAR CFE-B Cards with 1300MB/s Transfers

This week PERGEAR presented its new range of PERGEAR CFE-B . Cards Upgrade Designed specifically for photographers and videographers who need performance capture cards. Available in sizes from 64 GB to 2 TB In size, the cards are available in three different ranges, Lite, Pro and Ultra.

The latest generation of cards from Berger It now offers users a stable typing speed of 1300 MB/s, 3.5 times faster compared to the previous generation of cards that were only capable of 400 MB / s. Support for high-bitrate video recording and continuous photography in 12K RAW and 8K RAW says PERGEAR.

CFE-B . cards

– Lite (64GB/128GB): Read: 300MB/s, Write: 80MB/s, suitable for low bitrate photo and video capture (2K, 1080P)
– Pro (256 GB / 512 GB): Read: 1200 MB / s, Write: 360 MB / s, Support photography and video in continuous mode (4K120P, 8K30P)
Ultra (1T/2T): Read: 1600MB/s, Write: 1300MB/s, highest capacity available for large file production, higher bitrate video recording and continuous mode

Rock Solid Build features APM Adaptive Power Management protection that protects HTP from overheating, reassuring stability and reliability. PERGEAR CFE-B series products will maintain the brand’s usual 5-year warranty policy. In the event of non-human damage, we will replace it with a new one even if it has run out of life. This memory card does not support cameras that can only recognize XQD cards and XQD card readers. Please use a dedicated CFexpress Type B card reader.

For more details and full specifications, go to the official PERGEAR website by following the link below.


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