People are more interested in buying an Apple Car than in a new Tesla

Apple Car, at least, is a few years away from its introduction. While Project Titan is surrounded by controversies, top executives are leaving, and complete transformations of what Apple Car will eventually be, a survey suggests that American customers are more interested in buying a Cupertino vehicle than buying a new Ford or Tesla.

According to a survey of 200,000 new car owners by strategic vision (Across interested in trade), Apple is third in the list of brand considerations that people “like” and are considering buying a car from.

“Apple is 3research and development Highest brand consideration as 26% of customers stated that they would definitely consider purchasing an Apple-branded vehicle in the future; Behind Toyota (38%) and Honda (32%), followed by Ford (21%) and Tesla (20%). However, Apple’s strength does not end here, said the head of strategic vision firm Alexander Edwards. “What should concern others is that Apple generates more love than any other car company, twice as much as powerful brands like Honda, Toyota and Tesla.

What’s interesting about this survey is that over 50% of Tesla owners would “definitely consider” buying a future Apple car.

Strategic Insight says that Apple has the “highest combined score when looking at top box responses for two key metrics,” which are “future consideration and your impression of quality – 26% would definitely think and 24% would like it.”

“Of course, what Apple ultimately delivers in terms of design, powertrain, product and other key features will finally determine the level of interest that auto shoppers generate. However, brand awareness and reputation provide a formidable platform for which auto manufacturers must prepare accordingly,” he continued. Edwards.

While Apple is still a few years away from introducing its own car, the company is planning a major revamp of CarPlay, literally taking over the screens of other vehicles — you can learn more about it here.

Apple’s plans for a self-driving car initiative, Project Titan, have evolved over the years. By the end of 2021, it was reported that Vice President of Technology Kevin Lynch had taken over the project following Doug Field’s departure. He was leading the day-to-day Project Time efforts with a team of “hundreds of engineers” before leaving for Ford.

Apple is said to be considering a number of different options for Project Titan, but its ambitious goal is to ship a self-driving electric car without a steering wheel by 2025.


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