Oppo is working on a smartphone battery that can last 20 years

At the launch of the Reno 8 series, one of the manufacturer’s vice presidents gave an insight into the future of the battery life of its devices.

In a group interview after the European launch of the Reno 8 series, Oppo’s Vice President of Overseas Sales and Services Billy Chang revealed that the manufacturer is currently experimenting with making a smartphone battery that lasts up to twenty years.

The discovery was revealed by a question related to Oppo’s proprietary technologies and specifically whether the company intends to follow the example of the likes of Huawei and Google in manufacturing its own processors instead of relying on Qualcomm or MediaTek.

In response, conveyed with the help of a translator, Zhang indicated that Oppo would consider any innovations that would improve the customer experience. In particular, he cited developments in the field of battery life as being of great importance for the development of smartphones in the future, especially since denser but smaller cells would leave more room for other advanced components within mobile devices.

He further shed light on the development of such batteries, and claimed that Oppo is currently conducting two specific battery life experiments behind the scenes, one of which could result in a twenty-year battery life. However, he was quick to stress that this “was not ready for consumers,” so we may have to wait a while before we see it in action.

Zhang’s comments revealing Oppo’s research on battery life mirrored comments he made in his opening speech prior to the interview, in which poor battery life was noted as the main reason customers want to replace their mobile phones. Therefore, improvements in battery life can significantly extend smartphone life cycles with positive impact on the environment as a welcome outcome.

Oppo Reno 8 Pro can boast a maximum battery life of four years, or 1,400 charge cycles, during which time the battery should retain at least 80% of its maximum potential. Additionally, the 4500mAh cell supports 80W SuperVOOC for amazingly fast recharging.

Zhang also took this opportunity to hint at Oppo’s future foldable plans. While the Oppo Find N has been released in some markets, it hasn’t made its European debut yet – but was particularly confident that this form factor would be the future trend across mobile technology products, noting that the technology is more advanced in the industry on the one hand. current consumer. With apparent enthusiasm, Zhang told the assembled press that the next generations of foldable devices will vastly outperform those that have already seen the light of day, featuring massive improvements that will make this technology more popular than it currently is.

However, when more information was pressed about the possibility of launching the next generation of Oppo foldable devices in Europe in the near future, Zhang was reluctant to offer any guarantees.

At the same event a group interview in Paris, attended by Trusted ReviewsBilly Zhang also revealed that Oppo will drop the charging unit from the boxes of many of its devices next year. The decision may be divisive, as some consumers may feel sad not receiving this supplement as a supplement to their technology purchase, while others may see it as a positive step towards sustainability.

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