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Although Microsoft is improving its video player on Windows 11/10 as Media Player is getting better, but we still have many options. Leo Video Player is a new Microsoft Store app that Digital Experience recommends for free to play files mp4, mkv, mp3, avi, rmvb, flac, webm, opus, wav, m2ts, flv, mpg, m3u, mov, vob, mpeg, wma, f4v, rm, … and translations in different formats srt, ssa, ass, lrc, smi, MicroDvd, SubRip, SubStationAlpha, SubViewer, TTML, WebVTT, YouTube specified XML.

Leo Video Player is now available in the Microsoft Store, go to this Or follow the link below > click Get the Store app > Get to install.

Leo video player
Leo video player

Leo Video Player has a modern interface and is ad-free. Home page interface house It appears first, where you can select video or audio files, play streamed or recently played content.

Leo 1 video playerYou press the share button to create open files to pick:

Open files: You click to select files.

Open the folder: You choose the video and audio folder.

Open link: You can paste the direct link of the copied video or audio on the web.

The video will be played immediately, the control feature is very simple, you can turn on repeat, shuffle, display playlists, etc. When you click any area in the playback interface, it will pause and resume to continue playing, you drag the mouse forward/backward to rewind the video, drag up/down to increase or decrease the volume.

Leo 2 video playerLeo Video Player supports playing in a floating window, or click the three-dot button to use some other features such as playback properties, change playback speed, save frame snapshots, streaming, settings display, and screen-fitting video when zoomed.

Leo 3 video playerWhen you press the back button, it will minimize the playback interface and you can continue watching.

Leo 4 video playerLeo Video Player automatically updates the video and audio content on your computer. For videos, there are only folders videos System. Alternatively, you can link to an external device in a file network.

Leo 5 video playerTo add the video and audio folders to the app, tap settingsthen click Add folder in Video library sites To add another video folder, same with the audio folder. Leo Video Player supports to increase the volume to 200%, click the checkbox increase in size > Choose 200% to use.

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