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PC developers may be interested to know that premium PC component manufacturer NZXT this week released a new high-performance thermal paste. Make it available for purchase in a 3-gram syringe at $10 and a 15-gram syringe at $20.

Thermal paste has a thermal conductivity of 6.3 W/mK and is advertised as non-conductive and non-curable to prevent short circuits and simplify installation. The listed materials include zinc oxide, liquid polymer and aluminum while the viscosity is set at 35 ~ 220 * 10 MPa and the specific gravity is 3.5 g/cc. To learn more about the new PC processor, check out the overview video below posted by NZXT.

NZXT thermal paste

“Get heat conduction, easy application and long-lasting stability, all in a pea-sized drop. NZXT high-performance paste combines thermal conductivity, ease of application, and long-lasting stability to ensure maximum heat transfer when cooling any device. Excellent thermal conductivity, non-conductive performance.” Electric and untreated preventing short circuit, easy to apply and clean, multiple uses (CPU, GPU) and long life (shelf life 3 years).”

For more information on portability, long-term stability, availability and performance, as well as check out all computer components, accessories, and other peripherals built by NZXT. Go to the official website by following the link below.

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