NuPhy Keybooards Black Friday Sale 20% Off

If you’ve ever wanted to upgrade your keyboard, you might be interested to know that the team at NuPhy offers you this 20% off their impressive collection of compact keyboards. Choose from a range of different switches as well as two-tone wrist rests and more. Worldwide shipping is available and stock is usually shipped within 1-3 days after purchase.

Black Friday code: BF20

Shattering stereotypes of what’s possible with high-end keyboards, NuPhy took a radical approach to the Halo65 design language. A light bar, “Halo,” forms the center piece that unites the unibody’s solid aluminum frame, first seen on a fully assembled keyboard, with Laser-polished ABS base.To enhance grip and a sense of height, the base’s wavy ion-shaft-inspired side enliven the chromaticly simple aluminum frame, available in wear-resistant matte black and ion white electroplated.”

Halo65 wireless mechanical keyboard

Halo65 wireless mechanical keyboard

At NuPhy, we’re always working to reduce lags. Whether you’re pairing a new setup on the road, multitasking between up to 4 different Mac/Windows machines, or heavy-duty editing and gaming that pushes connection responsiveness to the limit, with Triple Connect Integration Seamless mode, perfect for dual-boot support and a built-in 4000mAh battery that can handle 240 hours of continuous use, Halo65 is always there when you need it, getting out of the way where ideas start to flow from your fingertips.”

Black Friday code: BF20

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