Norman Reedus from Walking Dead breaks Daryl and Carol’s farewell scene

Norman Reedus, the walking DeadDaryl Dixon, discussing filming Daryl and Carol’s final scene. Daryl and Carol (Melissa McBride) are the show’s longest-running characters, having appeared since season one. the walking DeadEspecially because of its evolution over the seasons. As of last weekend, the walking Dead It officially ended with an eventful series finale, though the franchise will live on through a plethora of spin-offs. Reedus will drive one of his own, Daryl Dixonbut McBride is taking a break from playing Carroll and won’t appear.

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Reedus breaks Carol and Daryl’s farewell scene Entertainment Weekly, He described it as a very emotional experience for him and McBride. confirms how to them walking dead The characters’ bond mirrors their real-life friendship, which made the day even more intense. Check out the full quote below:

Yes, that was a really emotional day. The subtext was heavier than the text. It was wild. There are certain parts of real life that fit into story lines sometimes, and that was a really tough day. It felt like a funeral. She was very calm on the set. It was a very rough day – very sad and heavy… There was a lot of dialogue that was kind of fun and we kind of took the fun out because it was a real day, and to say funny dialogue, it was kind of nonsensical. I don’t know where that came from or how this idea arose. In fact, I think Melissa started rolling that ball and it rolled the wrong way by the time we started hitting it. It became such a real situation that we just needed to play it for real.

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What’s next for Daryl in The Walking Dead Universe

since premiere, the walking Dead It was the go-to show when it came to the zombie horror genre. Building on its comic source material, the TV series has reached incredible heights in terms of popularity, though recent years have seen its viewership dwindle. However, its cultural influence is still notable. the walking Dead It significantly boosted the careers of many of the cast members, including Andrew Lincoln, Danny Gurira, and Stephen Yeun, among many others.

Reedus spin-off was revealed last month to be titled after his character, Daryl DixonAnd start filming in France. Set in Paris, Daryl will be joined by two lead characters: Isabelle (Clemence Poyzy), a member of a progressive religious group, and Quinn (Adam Nagetis), a black trader and owner of an underground nightclub. Daryl Dixon It is scheduled to air sometime next year. The show was originally going to star Reedus and McBride as the leads, but the latter was cut short before production began. While a future Carroll appearance has not been ruled out, it has not been confirmed that McBride will reprise her walking dead Turn on Daryl Dixon underline.

For now, though, Daryl walking dead The future is set. It’s not entirely clear what he’ll bring to France because of his branch, but Reedus hinted that Daryl was brought there against his will. How much time Daryl Dixon It won’t be clear yet, but depending on the plot, it could pave the way for Reedus’ character to join up with someone else. walking dead show. Rick Grimes (Lincoln) and Michonne (Gurira) will be helming their own spin-off, and given Daryl Brick’s relationship, the two could reunite at some point. With an ever-expanding franchise, the walking Dead She became much bigger and bigger than herself. That means there’s a lot more ahead for Daryl, and hopefully, there’ll be more for Carol someday, too.

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