Niantic Snapdragon AR2 Enhanced Headset

Follow up from an ad Qualcomm for new Snapdragon AR2 platformAnd the Niantic This month, it unveiled a new augmented reality headset built with the new Snapdragon AR2. Equipped with a multi-chip architecture that includes an AR processor, an AR coprocessor, and a communication platform, the AR2 “distributed latency-sensitive perception processing”. Check out the promotional teaser below to get a sneak peek of what you can expect when wearing an augmented reality headset.

Snapdragon AR2

“The hardware reference design shows the potential of out-of-the-box augmented reality headsets that can orient themselves using a Niantic map and present information and virtual worlds on top of the physical world.” says Maryam Sabbour, head of augmented reality headsets at Niantic. “Reference design will continue to evolve, and we are excited about the new AR2 platform that provides groundbreaking technology to enable headphone manufacturers to quickly and efficiently build stylish commercial products based on our vision for consumers.”

Unfortunately, other than the announcement that the augmented reality headset is powered by the Snapdragon AR2, very few other details have been revealed and no price or availability has yet been confirmed by Niantic.

Source: Road To VR

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