Nexode 140W USB-C Charger $150

If you are in the market for a quick mobile phone charger to help keep the battery of your phone, laptop, tablet or other devices charged during the day, you may be interested in the new charger Nexode 140W charger Offers multiple ports in the form of 2 x USB-C and 1 x USB-A.

The new 140W USB-C charger is available for purchase from online retailers such as Amazon and official Ugreen Online store $150. Watch the video embedded below to learn more about this powerful two USB-C wall socket charger.

“The Nexode 140W USB-C Charger, which delivers the right amount of power to three ports, is easier than before. Compared to single-port 140W chargers, the Nexode 140W has two Type-C ports that provide the ability to charge two 14-inch laptops at once. One.The Nexode 140W charger features state-of-the-art power distribution, intelligently distributing the right amount of power to your device, extending your device’s battery life.Consumers will be greeted with ease knowing that Ugreen’s thermal protection system scans temperatures 800 times a second, enabling Provides first-class protection from overheating.

USB-C charger 140W

“Portable portability is important, especially during a time when remote work is becoming more prevalent. The Nexode 140W charger is 22% smaller than Apple’s equivalent wattage chargers, making the 140W easier to pack and carry, and is a better companion for consumer charging needs.” GaN, or Gallium Nitride, is the latest in semiconductor compounds with useful applications in radars, satellites, lasers, and now chargers. With the inclusion of GaN chips, Nexode chargers offer higher conversion efficiency, smaller size, and better heat dissipation than before.”

Source: UGreen

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