New Moondrop Stellaris Planar In Ear Monitors

Mondrop Today it announced the launch of its new Stellaris Planar Magnetic Driver in ear monitors equipped with a sub-nanometer membrane. The Stellaris It features a newly developed 14.5mm planar magnetic actuator and the thickness of the semi-nano-diaphragm is only 1 µm, and is stretched tightly on the holder for uniform tension. The driver was designed in cooperation with Tuoyin Electronics and combined with Moondrop’s”Exquisite acoustic cavity structure designsays the press release.

The Stellaris Planar Magnetic Driver in-ear headphones are now available to buy at $109 or £102 depending on your location and shipping will start on Friday of this week.

Moondrop Stellaris Planar In Ear Monitors

“Moondrop is not bound by any introduction among audiophiles. The brand has been very active in the industry with its class-leading range of in-ear displays. It covers different price segments and has always been on top with its classic approach with hybrid single-dynamic and multi-driver configurations. Moondrop is well known also with their look designed exclusively for their in-ear monitors. Today, they join the union of flat magnetic driver IEMs with the all-new Stellaris.”

Moondrop Stellaris Planar Magnetic Driver In Ear Monitors

Stellaris adopts a fully symmetrical magnetic circuit consisting of 7 + 7 N52H magnets neatly arranged during bold assembly. This magnetic circuit produces a strong magnetic flux (close to 1 Tesla), which results in a cleaner output with very low harmonic distortion and higher efficiency of the magnetic circuit. The pair promise amazing audio performance with clear response across a wide frequency range! “

Source: Moondrop

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