Network usage monitor tool for windows 11

In Windows 11, users can reuse screen utilities like Windows Vista with new widgets and a fresh, smart management interface. By default, Windows Widgets only support some system screen utilities such as OneDrive, PhoneLink, To-Do, etc.

In this article, Digital Experience would like to introduce Network Usage Monitor – a Microsoft Store app that provides a monitor utility for monitoring network usage on your computer to Widgets or on your desktop.

Network Usage Monitor is now available in the Microsoft Store, go to this Or follow the link below > click Get the Store app > Get to install.

Monitor network usage
Monitor network usage

To use Network Usage Monitor, you can access it from two places.

1. On the desktop:

You can monitor the traffic speed, network connection type name, download/upload, MAC address, computer IP address, battery status, etc. installed on the screen.

Monitor network usage 3You can open Network Usage Monitor in the Start menu to see real-time network usage information.

Monitor network usage 4purpose settings From the app, you can switch the display of battery status, theme color, background color, font settings for light/dark theme, etc.

2. On the Tools screen:

When Network Usage Monitor is installed, it will be integrated into the Windows monitoring utility.

Network Usage Monitor 1When you open the widgets you will see this widget added. you press Add widgets The plus sign will appear Network Usage Monitor > click on the plus button to add/pin it to the main tools screen.

Monitor network usage 2Compared to the desktop interface, the desktop version of the utility is more intuitive, adding a chart view and related information.

Monitor network usage 5If you want to uninstall, press the three-dot button on the tool > select Uninstall tool.

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