Netgear 10 Gig Orbi Tri-Band Mesh Wifi 6

Netgear announced the availability of its new device 10 Gig Orbi Tri-Band Wifi 6 Wireless Networking Solution He made his components available as single items or bundled as a bundle for $1,100. the new European RBK863 The WiFi Mesh system can provide connections to up to 100 devices simultaneously and with the triple beam which includes two satellites and a mesh router you can cover it up 8000 square feet.

“When we launched our flagship Orbi product line in 2016, we set a new standard for connected home products with faster speeds, higher capacity and wider coverage areas with our patented Tri-Band Grid design,” said David Henry, President and General Manager of Connected. Home Products and Services at NETGEAR. “

– RBK863S: Router and 2 Satellites – 3-Pack, $1099.99
– RBS860: 1 satellite – $429.99
– RBR860S: Single Router – $429.99

“The new Orbi 860 series is designed to continue delivering on the promise of superior WiFi. It offers the ability to take advantage of higher incoming internet speed, up to 10Gbps, an increased number of devices and better WiFi range than the Orbi 850 series. Moreover, we have tied it up with one of the best Industry Internet security protection services to help customers secure all of their devices connected to their home WiFi network, including laptops, phones, tablets, speakers, cameras, baby monitors, TVs, light bulbs, lighting, switches and more.”

Mesh WiFi 6 Specifications:

  • Faster Speeds with WiFi 6 – WiFi 6 delivers four times the speed, capacity and bandwidth of WiFi 5. Get best-in-class performance no matter the activity or type of device.
  • Stays Powerful Even When More Devices Connect – Enjoy consistent, peak speeds and high performance on up to 100 devices across 8000 square feet with Orbi’s patented Tri-Band Wi-Fi connection via satellite.
  • 20% WiFi Boost with Exclusive Antenna Array Design – With the unique WiFi optimization and new and improved antenna array, the Orbi 860 system offers greater range and speed compared to the previous Orbi 850 series.
  • Multiple Speeds with 10 Gigabit Internet Port – 10 Gigabit Internet speed port allows you to connect to the latest cable and fiber optic offerings over 1 Gbps up to 10 Gbps, and you can connect your wired devices for improved performance via four Gigabit Ethernet ports on each router and satellite industrial.
  • Seamless WiFi for Multiple Devices – Say goodbye to slow connections. WiFi 6 makes the shared bandwidth more efficient and prevents connection delays.
  • Dedicated Link – Unlike competitors who have a cross-link, Orbi’s patented Custom Link connects the satellite router to a dedicated WiFi path that is used exclusively for the connection between the primary router and the satellite while our competitors share this link when connecting to other connected devices . This custom connection design ensures ultra-fast speeds throughout your home and on all your devices. The connections remain strong all the time.
  • Orbi App – Easily set up your WiFi system, manage your network remotely, pause internet on any device, track internet data usage and more.

Netgear 10 Gig Orbi Tri-Band Wifi 6

“Following the tremendous success of the Orbi 850 Series (WiFi 6 AX6000 Mesh System RBK853), the Orbi 860 Series joins NETGEAR’s industry-leading WiFi 6 Whole Home Mesh WiFi portfolio. To achieve this industry-leading performance and broader reach, NETGEAR uses dedicated back-end WiFi technology. Patented and antenna design. An exclusive Tri-Band Networking System with pioneering NETGEAR innovation ensures speeds remain fast as more WiFi devices connect to your home network with fewer interrupted connections.”

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