Mujjo Magnetic Leather Wallet for iPhone – Review

Mujjo recently launched her interpretation of the MagSafe Slim Leather Wallet. While it’s similar to Apple’s MagSafe Wallet, Mujjo has made three notable changes that add up to a much improved experience. To read our full review.

Mujjo Leather Magnetic Wallet for iPhone Specifications

  • Easy access for up to three cards
  • Compatible with compatible iPhone 12, 13, 14 and MagSafe cases
  • Ecco vegetable tanned leather
  • Lined with Japanese microfiber with a satin-like finish
  • Easy to install with anti-slip silicone strips
  • Hidden spring mechanism to secure cards
  • Access cards from the top, base or back
  • Available in black, blue and tan
  • Price: $44

materials and construction

The Mujjo Leather Magnetic Wallet offers a premium experience. From the smooth full grain leather out of the box to the precision stitching of the slim wallet on the back, you can tell right away that it’s built to last.

Mujjo’s version of the MagSafe wallet is very similar to Apple’s first-party offering in terms of precise stitching, premium finish, slimness/dimensions, and smooth out-of-the-box feel.

Apple Leather Wallet on the left, Mujjo on the right

However, Mujjo has included three upgrades that make ejecting the cards much easier, provide a safer attachment and a unique design. I will search every moment.

Mujjo includes a 2-year warranty with its products.

in use

I’ve been using this wallet for the past month and have come to really appreciate the thoughtful upgrades it brings over Apple’s MagSafe wallet.

The first two things that make a big difference are the asymmetrical design on top and the small cutout and bottom. Unlike the Apple Wallet, this means you can easily pop out your cards without having to remove the Mujjo Leather Magnetic Wallet from your iPhone (I also enjoy Mujjo’s angular design which ends up being more practical).

I actually found it so easy to remove from the top (using the thumb stick) that I don’t even need the extra help from the bottom (if you want to get the cards out from the back, you can do that too).

The third disc included by Mujjo is a silicone striped back. This provides a really nice grip that mates with magnets so the wallet doesn’t slide as much on the back of your iPhone. It’s significantly more secure with this design than Apple’s seamlessly backed wallet.

Mujjo Leather Magnetic Wallet for iPhone Back

Mujjo Leather Magnetic Ring Wallet


  • Luxurious design with full grain leather
  • Easy access to the card without having to remove the wallet from the iPhone
  • Sturdy attachment than the Apple Wallet thanks to the silicone + magnet backing
  • More affordable than Apple Wallet


  • It does not include the Find My Support feature like Apple’s MagSafe Wallet

For what Mujjo set out to achieve, I give the Magnetic Leather Wallet a rating of 5/5. It has nearly everything Apple’s premium MagSafe wallet offers plus improved access, a more secure attachment to your iPhone, and a more affordable price.

You can get the Mujjo Leather Magnetic Wallet directly from the company. And check out our other iPhone cases and wallet cases from Mujjo for more options.

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