MSI IPC MS-98M3 Intel Tiger Lake-UP3 Mini PC

MSI IPC introduced a new single board computer this month in the form of MS-98M3. It takes the form of a compact 3.5-inch mini PC powered by an 11th generation Intel IOTG Core processor codenamed Tiger Lake-UP3. Low power CPU delivers high performance with reliability and durability, capable of operating in harsh environments from -40 to +85°C if required. This makes it ideal for harsh industrial applications and environments that require stable computing performance. Equipped with M.2 M key, the mini PC supports PCIe Gen4 x4 NVMe SSD storage and features a fanless design.

MS-98M3 mini computer

MS-98M3 is equipped with MSI’s proprietary heat dissipation design solution, which uses pure copper with aluminum heat sink for high heat conduction of the processor and chipset in real time, and achieves fast heat dissipation based on fanless design.

The heatsink itself, together with a special screw assembly, automatically adjusts and smooths adhesion between the device, processor and chipset to maintain close contact for more efficient heat transfer, thus MS-98M3 SBC provider b Core i7 processor Of the highest level it can also work stably and normally at a wide temperature of -40~+85°C and with a wide voltage, and ensure the safety and reliability under long-term operation. Good vibration resistance also enables reliable, long-term operation in industrial applications subject to shock and vibration.”

Windows 11 mini pc

In order to meet the demand trend of industrial Internet of Things and edge computing, this single board PC series is equipped with multiple high-speed I/O interfaces and a modern M.2 expansion interface, such as M.2 M-key supports PCIe Gen4 x4 NVMe SSD, And the storage read and write speed is about five times faster than the traditional SATA-3.0 interface, and the new M.2 B-key interface design, it supports the latest 5G wireless modules to greatly improve transmission capacity in the field of high-end applications.

With the significant improvement in the computing performance of the processor and the I/O interface, it will bring great benefits to the realization of industrial applications optimizing the integration of cutting-edge big data into the Industrial Internet of Things. “

Source: MSI IPC

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