Montblanc shows Wear OS 3 without Samsung skin

Unlike the Galaxy Watch 4, the Montblanc Summit 3 will feature Wear OS 3 without a Samsung skin when it launches this month. Before that, a number of videos from Montblanc show this version of Wear OS 3 in detail.

A series of 10 “how-to” videos posted by Montblanc today showcases a Wear OS 3 version on top 3. There seems to be a lighter skin with some amount of customization, but overall it’s pretty close to what we saw in the emulator. Starts by pairing the wearable device:

Summit uses FastPair, so you’ll be able to pair your watch with your Android phone right away. Just put your phone next to your watch. *

* iOS devices do not support FastPair

This setup process includes a companion app for “Montblanc Summit” (Android and iOS) instead of the existing Wear OS client. Google has long said that “watches running Wear OS 3 are not compatible with the Wear OS app.” The video mentions FastPair support on Android for a workflow similar to Bluetooth earbuds. The first video also shows what could be the new Wear OS 3 boot animation with a white to color logo and an arched progress indicator.

“How to navigate at the top of Montblanc” begins with the transition to “Button functions”. Some of them may be standardized across Wear OS 3 watches:

  1. Short press on the rotating crown…
    • To wake the watch from ambient mode.
    • From the watch face to access the application launcher.
    • To return to the watch wallpaper from any screen.
  2. Double tap the rotating crown to open Google Wallet.
  3. Long press on the rotating crown to open the power menu.
  4. Rotate the crown to scroll up or down.
  5. Short press the top button to open recent apps.
  6. Double press the top button to open the last used app.
  7. Short press the bottom button to open the Fitness app. [This gesture might be specific to the Summit 3.]

Meanwhile, in terms of Touch Gestures, you can swipe left or right from the watch face to access your tiles. Swiping down gets quick settings, notifications up. Finally, a long press allows you to customize and switch faces.

“How to Update Montblanc Summit” provides a look at the stock settings application. Main menu features: call, display, gestures, apps, notifications, vibration, general, and system.

The remaining videos are about Montblanc’s dedicated health apps: sleep, stress, fitness, blood oxygen, heart rate and steps. There are many squares and corresponding multiples.

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