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Connor Bridgeman of Humble Games has taken to the official PlayStation Blog to reveal more details on how the combat and action of the new game is created. Midnight fast fightingBrave 3D High DensityPlay it. Check out the trailer below to learn more about the game and see a bit of the gameplay in action that uses motion capture technology to provide smooth action and realistic fighting sequences.

Midnight fast fighting

Midnight Fight Express is a gritty, high-intensity 3D that takes the player back to the heyday of action cinema and games in the ’80s. The title was developed mostly by one-man, Jacob Dzwinel, and published by Humble Games for release on PS4 on August 23. To help convey the game’s battles Dynamism to a new level, Dzwinel enlisted the help of Kratos’s stuntman himself, Eric Jacobus, who assembled a team at Las Vegas-based studio SuperAlloy Interactive to design and implement motion capture for the game’s unique combat engine.”

Jacobs and Dzwenell decided to shoot the Mocap for four days, during which the team would fire a planned 300 rounds including combos, guns, terminations, environmental attacks, and enemy moves. When the day of shooting began, Jacobs and Dzwenell realized there was a misunderstanding “Every move had to be done against an enemy in the North, South, East, and West. There weren’t 300 rounds. There were 1,200 rounds to be made over 4 days. It didn’t matter,” said Jacobs, who was performing with a longtime stuntman and friend. Fernando Jay Huerto.” Jay and I have worked together for decades. We’ll just have to get every shot in the first shot.”

“When designing the action, Jacobs knew the tone had to be fun.” Audiences have had enough of the super serious action games and movies. MFE can be the laxative version they need, with not only sexy bodily movements, but also on the verge of ridicule.” Jacobs and Hurto would suggest their silly ideas, and Dzunell would say whether they were too tall, or too short, or too crazy, or ( Most of the time) not crazy enough.”

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