Microsoft’s SwiftKey is back on iOS

Microsoft said it will stop supporting SwiftKey for iOS on October 5. Android users can rest assured that this change will not affect them. iOS users were surprised by this news. However, their hopes were dashed when the app was removed from the App Store as planned last month.

This past weekend, things took a turn for the better when Vishnu Nath, vice president and general manager of the Office product team, which includes SwiftKey, made a surprising announcement on Twitter that SwiftKey was back on iOS. Considering the state of keyboard apps on mobile platforms, this is good news. Even compared to SwiftKey, Apple’s iOS keyboard isn’t very good. Third party apps like Gboard are even worse.

Although SwiftKey for iOS is back on the App Store, the keyboard app hasn’t been updated yet. Basically, Microsoft just rolled back the old version without making any changes, so it’s still version 2.9.2 from August 2021. That’s not good because it still has similar bugs. For example, the error that SwiftKey account login is not possible. This is frustrating because you can’t sync the data you enter on your iPhone or iPad with the cloud or with other devices.

Users have been complaining about these kinds of problems for a long time. People thought SwiftKey was being abandoned because these bugs hadn’t been fixed for over a year, even before Microsoft announced that they would stop producing the app.

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