Microsoft Xbox Series X trick can make PC games load three times faster

Windows 11 and Windows 10 gaming laptops will get a new performance optimization tool from Microsoft with DirectStorage 1.1 support in an upcoming update and unlock the SDK for developers.

DirectStorage debuted on Xbox Series X | S as a way to improve game load times, and of course, Microsoft made use of it for Windows as well as with DirectStorage 1.0 which first made its way to Windows 11 and then Windows 10 in March. The original method can reduce game load times by up to 40% on laptops or desktops with a compatible NVMe engine, but DirectStorage 1.1 ups the ante with an additional 3 times faster load times (via Windows Central).

(Image credit: Microsoft)

On the DirectX Developer Blog (Opens in a new tab) After Microsoft showed an improved sample (pictured above) showing the potential gains of GPU decompression versus CPU decompression with load time reduced from 2.36 seconds to just 0.8 seconds in DirectStorage 1.1.

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