Medieval dynasty realistic open world sim game

Having previously launched on PC via Steam during 2021 after Early Access, first personAnd the open worldRealistic medieval game and life simulator medieval dynasty Now officially on Xbox. set through middle Ages The simulation game allows you to play the role of a young man who escaped from war and wants to take his fate into his own hands.

“By being alone, poor and inexperienced, you will evolve into an expert in many skills, the leader of your community and the founder of a thriving dynasty that is meant to last and thrive for generations to come. Defend against wild animals while foraging for food, gathering resources and crafting equipment, building a house and setting up a crowded village All while starting a family, it all contributes to a unique gaming experience across many genres. Harsh winters and unexpected events challenge your skills and ingenuity as you strive to build your own legacy.”

Medieval life sim game

“You can choose to follow the master classes, solve quests or just walk around and explore the vast medieval world – but be careful because wolves or bears may try to take a bite out of you… Start with the simplest things for survival like hunting and farming as well as building a house for yourself Start a family and have an heir – entice others to live near you and work for you, and build many more buildings to turn your settlement into a vibrant village and, eventually, a prosperous dynasty that will rule for generations.”

Medieval dynasty game features

Survival: the need to survive, nurture and ensure survival by hunting, farming and cultivating the land.
Simulation: Create tools and weapons, build and expand homes, stables and all kinds of buildings as you grow an empire.
Role Playing: Develop your own character, interact with NPCs, take care of your family and form community alliances by helping others and trading freely.
– Strategy: As you lead through the Middle Ages, you will establish and expand a village, manage the population, collect resources and produce all the goods you need and use or benefit by trading them.

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