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If you’re thinking of upgrading your home entertainment system and want to enjoy soothing visual effects when listening to your favorite music, you might be interested in learning more about a unique audio output device. As you may already know, there are many audio output devices available from earphones, headphones, and monitors to ultra-thin speakers, but one that stands out uniquely from the others is Van der Waals loudspeaker.

Capable of connecting to any audio system either by wire or wirelessly using Bluetooth speaker features ferrofluid Which moves in time with the music or sound as it is played through the loudspeaker. Create an ever-changing visual representation of the music passing through the speaker.

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What is magnetized fluid?

ferrofluid or magnetic liquid he is magnetic liquid made of Nanoparticles of iron oxide, and is attracted to magnetic fields such as those generated by electromagnets. Magnetic Fluid was originally developed by NASA In the early sixties Propel fuel to rocket engines in low gravity environments. But it is now used in a variety of different uses from rotary seals in hard drives, medical innovations and of course amplifiers to help dampen vibrations and provide unique visual effects lately as you can see below.


What is a ferrofluid amplifier?

The use of ferromagnetic fluids in the speaker construction allows manufacturers to provide users with improved quality and enables the speaker to operate more efficiently with improved acoustic response and improved power handling. However, recently ferrofluid plays more Technical role in designing speaker systems Provide unique visualizations in time with music. As music plays through the speaker, a system of electromagnetic magnets is triggered to create the unique shapes formed naturally by the liquid. Providing a unique talking point for guests to enjoy while you enjoy your favorite music.

How much is a ferrofluid amplifier?

Several technical speakers have been created using the unique properties of Ferrofluid, one of which was launched via Kickstarter just a few years ago under the apt name. Van der Val The ferrofluid speaker pictured above with a 9-inch magneto-magnetic visualizer is priced around $349 and has raised over $400,000 thanks to more than 1,000 supports.

Van der Val ferrofluid المتحدث speaker Created and released by Sergey Kuznetsov Via crowdfunding sites and provide the user with advanced audio visualization in a compact and modern spherical design. The unique woofer is still available for purchase with prices starting at around £356 or $399. Purchase options are available via the link below for the official crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

ferrofluid المتحدث speaker

Do ferrofluids interact with music?

If you’re interested in seeing how a ferrofluid reacts when exposed to music, the video below provides a great demonstration of the shape and movement you can expect from ferrofluid as sound is passed through a Van Der Waals speaker system.

Make your own ferrofluid Bluetooth speaker

YouTuber DAKD Jung

If your budget does not extend to the price of current speakers on the market or if you are interested in making your own bluetooth speaker. Watch the tutorial below from YouTuber DAKD Jung which reveals how he used an electromagnet with a soundband splitter to create his own speaker system.

Using the unique properties of the magnetofluid, you can easily build your own visualization systems, using not only music but also magnets, which can be placed close to the magnetic liquid to create fantastic shapes and levitation-like structures. Thanks to innovation since its first concept, you can reasonably buy magnetic liquid from online retailers and suppliers.


Image source copyright: Ferrotec Corporation

Although it is worth noting that the magnetofluidic solution due to its nanoparticles can easily stain a variety of surfaces and materials such as glass, ceramics and metals. So be careful when using the unique liquid. Magnetic liquid must be handled with care, and although it is not very toxic if you push your finger into a sample, it will move up into your nail due to its nanoparticles.

More information about the unique speaker is available if you go to the official Van Der Waals ferrofluid speaker campaign page where it is still available for purchase. If more innovative speakers hit the market, we’ll show them here on Geeky Gadgets.

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