macOS on iPad Pro M2? Dodgy rumors have it that Apple may finally be backing out of the touchscreen Mac

Since when have people been dealing with a Mac with a touch screen? And how long did it take Apple to avoid that by trying to make iPadOS the de facto touchscreen Mac that works for everyone? Long time, right?

So it’s somewhat surprising to see rumors claiming that Apple is planning to actually make macOS available on the newly announced iPad Pro M2 tablet. Seems unlikely, right?

According to leak sources Majin Bu (via Apple Insider), Apple is working on a downgraded (“smaller” to use the leaked word) version of macOS 14 (due next year) for the M2 iPad Pro.

According to this somewhat false rumor, Apple plans to make the UI icons 25% larger, to make them more usable on touch screens. To further confuse matters, the apps for this device will be optimized for the iPad rather than the macOS desktop versions.

Although this is unlikely, the iPad Pro M2 runs on the same Apple Silicon as the MacBook Pro M2 and MacBook Air M2, so this would absolutely not be an extension for Apple to achieve.

The availability of desktop apps on the iPad Pro will come in handy for some of the more intense photo, video, and audio editing apps. Perhaps in a case where it was easy to switch between operating systems for different purposes? This may not be a bad idea.

Anyway, sources say that the software is codenamed Mendocino and Apple plans to release it as macOS 14 in 2023. We’d be pretty surprised if this really gets going. Apple has spent years convincing everyone that macOS and iPadOS are practically interchangeable. You can choose the device you want and achieve the same goals you want us to believe Apple.

However, it’s indisputable that Mac users who need apps like Final Cut Pro don’t buy the iPad Pro – no matter the power parity – to do the editing. Could Apple really be planning a solution?

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