Luffy’s most poignant match would be absolute carnage

Rob Lucci makes a huge mistake in One Piece, hurting someone Luffy cares about, which will make their upcoming rematch a one-sided massacre.

WARNING: SPOILERS for One Piece Chapter #1068

One of the most exciting matches ever piece It will be a one-sided massacre. Luffy about to collide Rob LucciBut the Straw Hat Captain is likely to wipe out the land with the enemy that caused him so much trouble in the past.

Rob Lucci is a member of a top secret organization called CP0, which includes only the deadliest killers and secret agents working for the world government. He was the main antagonist of the Enies Lobby Arc, when Nico Robin was kidnapped and the Straw Hats rushed to her rescue. The final battle against Lucci pushes Luffy to his limits like no other opponent has done before, forcing him to unlock a new technology, Gear Third, to defeat the powerful government agent. It’s been a long time since then, and Luffy is now one of the strongest pirates in the world, who defeated even the unbeatable Yonko, Kaido of the Beasts. However, that is not why Luffy’s upcoming rematch with Lucci will be a one-sided massacre.

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The Straw Hat Pirates have recently arrived at Egghead Island, the laboratory of the famous genius Dr. They answer you. After years of working for the world government, Vegapunk has outlived its usefulness, and CP0 is sent to kill him. According to a spoilers thread on Reddit, in chapter #1068 of pieceand Lucci, Kaku, and Stussy infiltrate Egghead with their soldiers. There, they are attacked by one of Vegapunk’s clones, Atlas, who is easily dispatched by Lucci with a powerful blow. At that moment, Luffy arrived at the scene and saw Lucci standing over the destroyed corpse of Atlas.

Lucci made a huge mistake in damaging Atlas

One Piece Luffy vs. Lucci

What seals Lucci’s fate is not the fact that Luffy has become incredibly stronger since their last meeting, but another seemingly insignificant detail. In a previous chapter, Luffy and his group were greeted by Atlas after they arrived at Egghead, and she gave him plenty of food. Captain Straw Hat cares a lot about food, and is especially protective of the people who feed him. One of the main reasons why Luffy challenged Kaido in Wano was because the people in the country were starving, including O-Tama, a little girl who shared a bit of food with Luffy. Seeing an injured Atlas will anger Luffy more than any memory he might have of Lucci, and the CP0 agent will have to face Yonko’s full wrath, something even Marine Admirals are wary of doing.

Members piece We fully expect to see Luffy quickly obliterate Lucci in the next chapter. Sometimes, in the manga and anime, old enemies come back to showcase the protagonist’s growth, and this could be one of those occasions. but, piece It’s never predictable, which means there can still be some unexpected surprises in Luffy and Lucci’s lively rematch.

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