Logitech adds four products to its Designed for Mac . portfolio

Logitech is expanding its popular Designed for Mac range of products. Coming to the family are two mice and two keyboards. Mice include the Logitech MX Master 3S for Mac and the Logitech Vertical Ergonomic Mouse for Mac. The two new keyboards are the MX Mechanical Mini for Mac and the new Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard in Blueberry.

All products are on sale now and puts the needs of Mac users first. Logitech says it aims for seamless integration with Mac hardware, as well as performance and convenience with these products.

New Logitech Designed for Mac

If you’re familiar with Logitech’s lineup, these new mice shouldn’t be too surprising for you. Both of these mice are essentially specialized Mac versions of the previously available multi-platform MX Master 3S mouse, the Lift Vertical Ergonomic mouse. There are not many visual differences on the multi-platform versions. Logitech told us that firmware tweaks are what count, as well as some smaller tweaks with the packaging.

Here are the differences between these new mice and current products. In the case of the MX Master 3S for Mac, Logitech opts to include a USB-C to USB-C cable for charging. These two products also don’t come with USB receivers, because Logitech wants Mac users to enjoy a free port on their device, instead. If you buy a Logi Bolt receiver separately or use an existing one, you’ll be able to use it with your mouse if you want to.

As a reminder, the Logitech MX Master 3s for Mac should bring several improvements to Mac users that were first seen on the multi-platform Logitech mouse, the Master 3S. That includes twice the DPI at 8000, and a quieter click above the Master 3. Logitech says the mouse is 90% quiet than the regular Master 3. Other features include the ability to connect the mouse to three different Apple devices on macOS and iPadOS and switch between them using Easy-Switch. The mouse is also rechargeable, and you get 3 hours of use in 1 minute with a quick charge.

With the Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse for Mac, you will get a more comfortable mouse for long-term use with your Mac product. Developed in the company’s Ergo lab, elevate your hands at a 57-degree angle in a handshake position, relieving pressure on your wrists. This also helps keep your arm and upper body in a more natural position.

The Logitech MX Master 3S for Mac comes in at $100, and the Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse for Mac will cost $70. Both will be sold at Logitech.com and other retailers. You can also customize MX Master 3S for Mac and the actions of the different buttons via the new Logi Options + app.

New Logitech Designed for Mac Keyboards

The new Logitech keyboards designed for Mac are also very similar to existing Logitech products. Most notable is the Logitech MX Mechanical Mini for Mac. This looks visually similar to the cross-platform MX Mechanical Mini, but the difference is that Logitech says it’s the first mechanical keyboard optimized for the Mac. You’ll notice this using the Mac’s layout of the keys in the lower left corner. Meanwhile, the Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac features a new blue finish and keeps classic keys and an ultra-quiet typing experience.

If you’ve never used MX Mechanical Mini, in the Mac version you’ll notice your custom Mac layout with the CTRL, Option, and Command keys in place on the Mac keyboard. You’ll also get a low-profile setup that takes up less desk space. The keyboard comes in two color options, either pale gray or space gray, to match the finish of your Mac. There’s smart lighting on the panel so the backlight turns on when needed, and adjusts based on the brightness in the room around you. You’ll also be able to connect up to three different Mac or iPad devices and enjoy USB-C to USB-C charging. Note that, unlike the regular MX Mechanical Mini, there is only one key type in this Mac version. They are the soft, tactile keys that are brown in color.

Logitech MX Mechanical Mini for Mac costs $150. The Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac comes in at $40. You can assign tasks to specific keys on a per-app basis, and manage these keyboards with the new Logi Options + app.

All of these products are sustainable. There is 54% recycled plastic in Lift for Mac, 47% in MX Mechanical Mini for Mac in gray, 36% in MX Mechanical Mini for Mac in pale gray, 27% in MX Master 3S for Mac in gray, and 22% MX Master 3S for Mac is a dull gray. The aluminum in the MX Mechanical Mini for Mac case is also made using renewable energy instead of fossil fuels.

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