Lofree lost in Desire mechanical keyboard

Lofree has added a new 1% mechanical keyboard to its collection in the form of lost in desire. Sport crystal keycaps and chassis, the keyboard is equipped with a bright white LED backlight with 7 built-in lightning effects, providing users with a blurry aura when in use thanks to the white keycaps. The 68-key Lofree mechanical keyboard is also equipped with a dual connection that supports both wireless and wired Bluetooth V5.1 both. USB Type C links.

Users can easily replace the keys on the Lofree 1% Lost in Desire keyboard as the keyboard features hot swappable sockets. No soldering or de-soldering is required, simply pull out the arrow keys and push the new keys inward. Lofree keyboard 1% Lost in the Desire for a smoother typing experience. The keyboard features conflict-free full-key operation, allowing you to easily type on the keyboard without errors and keystrokes.”

Transparent mechanical keyboard

Lofree equipped a 1% mechanical keyboard with a large battery of 2000 mAh. The keyboard has an extended battery life of up to 100 hours on a single charge with the backlight turned off.”

“The latest 1% Lost in the Desire Keyboard has a cotton-padded muffler layer placed between the PCB panel and the bottom panel. This layer absorbs keystroke and sharp sound, resulting in smooth keystrokes with soft acoustics. “

Source: Lofree

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