Lock Screen Widgets for iOS 16: Best Apps to Try

As we’ve covered extensively, one of the groundbreaking features of iOS 16 is the ability to customize your iPhone’s lock screen for the first time. There are new backgrounds, font options, colors, and filters you can apply. However, the biggest change is that iOS 16 supports widgets on the lock screen.

Here are some of the apps currently available that support lock screen widgets.

If you are a developer and have an app to share, get in touch and I’d love to try it. Our list can never be 100% comprehensive from day one, so we’ll be making several updates to this roundup over the coming weeks.

Head below for a roundup of our favorite apps that not only support the new Lock Screen widget features in iOS 16, but also other new features like Focus Filters and more. Each of these apps implemented the Lock Screen widgets in their own way while fighting the limitations inherent to how Apple implemented the feature in iOS 16.

Father plant – water reminder


Orto – for Sonos

Rise Science energy and sleep tracker

TV remote control – universal


MusicHarbor – Keep track of new music

health necessities

Organized – planned day

Clendar – minimal calendar

Hi future self

Alpenglow: Sunset forecast

Kitchen: inventory and recipes

And even more…


  • Enhanced widget editor to make widget creation and configuration simpler and easier
  • Wide range of lock screen widgets in all new styles.
  • The ability to isolate people in photos from their background and import photos with transparency
  • A powerful set of new widgets that launch automatically within Widgetsmith when a widget is clicked

Download Widgetsmith from the App Store.


  • LIVE TRACKING ON YOUR LOCK SCREEN – The most convenient way to monitor flights includes a progress bar during the flight, even when you are offline.

Download Flighty from the App Store.


  • Playlist: Play the selected playlist. Click in edit mode to select the playlist.
  • Code: Launch Overcast.
  • Recent: Unfinished and newly published episodes

Download Overcast from the App Store.


  • lock screen widgets
  • 1000s of app shortcuts
  • Focus filters
  • shared with you
  • passkeys

CardPointers is free to download with an in-app subscription available to unlock CardPointers Pro features. 9to5Mac Readers can save 20% on annual and lifetime CardPointers Pro plans.

Apollo Reddit

  • Popular post widget – choose a subreddit, and the lock screen widget will cycle through popular posts throughout the day.
  • Distance swipe widget: Shows the total distance you swiped in Apollo as an easy to use lock screen widget!
  • Karma Tool: Internet Magic Points Performance Quick Look!
  • Inbox widget: See if you have any unread widgets in Apollo that you might want to peek at!
  • Latest Posts widget: Shows the performance of your most recent posts in terms of upvotes and comments.
  • Latest Comment Widget: Similar to the previous one, but it shows the performance of your most recent comments!
  • Subreddit Shortcut Tool: What It Says On The Box! Quickly jump from your lock screen to your favorite subreddit with one click!
  • Random Sub-Widget: Quickly go on an adventure to a random sub-forum!

Download Apollo for Reddit from the App Store.

dark noise

  • Lock screen widgets to quickly play selected sounds
  • It includes all the customization options you’d love from existing Dark Noise widgets

Download Dark Noise from the App Store.


  • Added Always On Screen Support
  • Added lock screen widgets – track sleep times, directions, and more.

Download NapBot from the App Store.


  • Lock screen widgets to monitor heart data
  • Heart rate recovery analysis

Download CardioBot from the App Store.

Daily dictionary

  • Have the daily dictionary word of the day right on your lock screen with lock screen widgets for iOS 16.

Download the everyday dictionary from the App Store.


  • Lock screen widgets: View your meal plan at a glance with an all-new lock screen widget.
  • Shared with you: Recipes shared with you via iMessage will appear in Pestle.
  • Siri Shortcuts integration

Download Pestle from the App Store.

Calories: Nutrition, Coach Diet

  • New Lock Screen Widgets: A new quick add screen that aims to simplify the process of logging foods, calories, weight and water

Download Calory from the App Store.


  • Lock screen widgets: Track packages, see the countdown, and launch the app quickly.

Download Parcel from the App Store.

Islands weather

Carrot Weather iOS 16 update
  • Lock screen widgets: Find out about the weather on the lock screen with a variety of customizable widgets. (Automatic background updates require a Premium Club membership.)

Download Carrot Weather from the App Store.

Trip it

  • An upcoming trip or plan, whether it’s a flight, train, rental car, hotel, restaurant, or road trip stop
  • Relevant flight information, including flight number and departure time, countdown arrival count, as well as gate number when available
  • Post-landing details, whether it is a car reservation or hotel reservation details

Download TripIt from the App Store.

Pro Scanner

  • With completely new widgets, you can access Scanner Pro with just one click. It quickly takes you from the locked screen to the camera.

Download Scanner Pro from the App Store.

Smart Gym

  • You can get a weekly summary, charts for your heart rate, calories, and even track how many exercises you’ve done.
  • The new lock screen is all about personalization. For this reason, we offer a large variety of tools, so that users can choose the ones that suit them best.

Download SmartGym from the App Store.

Slopes: skiing and snowboarding

  • New lock screen widgets and complications for your watch: keep tabs on local resort conditions and snow forecasts.

Download Slopes from the App Store.

Mercury weather

  • Lock screen widgets for weather, forecasts, current conditions and more.

Download Mercury Weather from the App Store.

Motivation – daily quotes

  • Lock screen widgets: It’s never been easier to receive powerful quotes. Boost your mental health with beautiful positive and inspirational quotes delivered right on your lock screen. You can even read it at a glance in your new iPhone’s always-on display.

Download Motivation – Daily Quotes from the App Store.

5 . launcher

The launcher widgets on the lock screen allow you to tap an icon

  • Call, message, FaceTime, or email a contact;
  • Get directions to your next location or event;
  • Start playing any artist, album or playlist in Apple Music;
  • quickly access your favorite websites;
  • launch actions within apps like Compose Tweet or Run Shortcut;
  • Turn on and off Wifi, Bluetooth, Low Power Mode, DND, cellular data and Airplane mode; And the
  • Run any application on your device.

Download Launcher 5 from the App Store.


  • Lock screen widgets to track financial goals, monitor spending, set spending limits, and more

Download MoneyCoach from the App Store.

3 . things

  • Lock screen widgets to look at your lists, add new tasks, and track your progress throughout the day

Download Things 3 from the App Store.

best character

  • Lock screen widgets! Track your workouts even when your phone is locked. It also includes support for the new Always-On Display on iPhone 14 Pro.

Download Personal Best from the App Store.

rain viewer

  • New lock screen widgets to check the weather at a glance

Download RainViewer from the App Store.


  • New lock screen widgets for detailed weather data, graphs, and more.

Download the Weather Strip from the App Store.


Three new customizable lock screen widgets:

  • Countdown tool to keep track of any sun event you want
  • Sun times widget to display times like sunrise, sunset, first light, golden hour, and blue hour
  • Moon widget showing moon phases, rise, sunset, and transit time

Download Lumy from the App Store.


  • Lock screen tools to unlock Halide, go directly to Auto/Manual mode, Halide unlock any lens, even Macro mode shortcut

Download Halide from the App Store.

HomeKit Home Widget

  • Lock screen widgets, a completely new icon set from the new iOS Home app, and dynamic icons (opening/closing icons related to device status)
  • You can now activate a scene or shortcut, switch any device, monitor your sensors directly from the lock screen, and go even further with the original Home Widget that Apple currently provides.

Download Home Widget from the App Store.

Rhythm for runners

  • Tempo includes over a dozen new lock screen widgets for tracking distance totals across different timeframes and the ability to track goal progress.

Download Tempo for Runners from the App Store.

Fitness View

  • Small and large widgets
  • Configure to show activity rings, goals, progress, and more.
  • See your fitness/health goals right on the lock screen.


Lock screen tools:

  • Choose from eight different options.
  • Take a quick look at your current water levels.
  • Watch hourly and weekly charts.
  • Register your favorite cup directly from the lock screen.

Download WaterMinder from the App Store.


  • View upcoming tasks, predictions, and more with new lock screen widgets.

Download OmniFocus 3 from the App Store.

focused action

  • Lock screen widgets: current timer and daily goals
  • Focus filters: Filter sessions based on current focus.
  • App Shortcuts: Start a session and perform actions via Shortcuts, Siri, and Spotlight.
  • Quick Charts: A new productivity dashboard with detailed charts

Download Focused Work from the App Store.


  • Bring the shortcuts to the lock screen and home screen.
  • Run any Siri Shortcuts you’ve created in the Shortcuts app.
  • Turn on home automation with a single click.
  • Open an alternate camera app.
  • Get directions to a specific place.
  • Send a message to someone you text often.
  • Start playing your latest favorite podcast.
  • Take advantage of all the shortcuts you have by making them easy to access.

Download LockFlow from the App Store.


  • Screen lock widgets to display statistics for required tasks, progress and next task
  • Hit the new Next button at the top to see the next due tasks.
  • Quests appear in the order they are due and will disappear once completed.
  • You can now skip the current day instead of waiting until tomorrow.
  • Select the Settings icon, then press and hold “…” on the task you want to skip.

Download Streaks from the App Store.


  • Fantastical supports the iOS 16 lock screen with three different widgets: Up Next, Calendar, and Quick Action.
  • Focus Filters – Choose which calendar groups you want to see when a specific focus mode is active in Fantastical.

Download Fantastical from the App Store.

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