Liv Morgan crushes Ronda Rousey on Twitter ahead of extreme WWE rules

Liv Morgan will try to beat Ronda Rousey for the third time at hard rules on October 8, and she recently took to Twitter to burn the contender.

Liv Morgan and Ronda Rousey will clash in the future WWE Strict rules Excellent live event, and the women’s champion took to Twitter to cast some shade on the challenger. On the September 9 episode of friday night smackdown, The Baddest Woman on the Planet made short work of four other contenders to become the No. 1 contestant. Of course, it was Rousey who Morgan pinned for the title after she cashed in her purse at Money In The Bank in early July.

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It was a satisfying moment that led to the team announcing it the Miracle Kid. Fans of Morgan’s race as champion quickly became nervous after a risky booking decision at summerslam, anyway. WWE tried to keep the belt on Liv while also protecting Rousey, and the audience saw through. Morgan had apparently been resorting to a Russian arm bar before the referee counted three, and she was booed into oblivion as she tried to explain what had happened. It’s worth noting that WWE has kept Morgan away from the live crowd ever since.

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Just under a month before Rousey got another crack at Morgan, the two had already begun exchanging barbs on Twitter. This is where 20 percent of wrestling disputes these days come down to. The Tweet embed The Twitter handle posted a message about Rousey Vs. Morgan in Strict rules It is made official. Leaf quickly chime in (via Tweet embed) with brutal roasting of its opponent.

Morgan Uses Rousey’s UFC Past Against Her

Morgan references Ronda Rousey’s dramatic breakup with the UFC in her tweet. In November 2015, Holly Holm fought in her seventh defense of her title. It was undefeated at the time and put the cage of fighting women on the map as a legitimate way to make money. Rousey entered the match, the heavy bet of choice, but lost after being knocked down by Holm with a header in the second round. This led to a somewhat general downward spiral, and the UFC medically suspended her. Rousey attempted a comeback in December of 2016 in the UFC 207 main event against Amanda Nunes but was sent off again, this time early in the first round. That was the last time Ronda fought in the UFC, which led to an implicit retirement.

And these consecutive losses are what Morgan is referring to in her tweet. It does somewhat come in heels, given how open Rosie was about her mental health after those defeats. The end of her time in the UFC opened the door for her to join the WWE, and Ronda Rousey could be in the midst of her best path with the company as Strict rules Approach. She is allowed to embody the character of the worst woman on the planet, and this resonates with audiences quite concretely.

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