LineageOS 21 officially supports Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is now officially supported by Lineage 21 operating systemWhich brings the ability to install Android 14 on this portable gaming device. We've seen Android 10 running on the Nintendo Switch before, but this is the first time LineageOS has been “officially” supported for the device.

LineageOS 21 can be flashed on both the Switch Lite and OLED models. Android can be flashed to run emulators and be used for more purposes than the Switch’s native OS. Since Android isn’t technically installed on the Switch, but on an external microSD card, you can switch between the default system and Lineage at any time.

Since the Switch works best with a dock, there is a LineageOS 21 version that uses Android TV to work better when docked. However, there is a known bug that prevents ADB from working properly with this version. This is a pretty big hurdle, so we recommend waiting until this bug is fixed if you want this version. Fortunately, Project Treble is fully supported, so getting updates on your Nintendo Switch after installing LineageOS 21 will be a smooth process.

Whichever version you plan to install, you’ll need some additional hardware including a USB-C cable, a FAT32-formatted microSD card, and a computer. Flashing LineageOS 17.1 will wipe all data from your Switch, so it’s recommended to make a backup first. You’ll still need to sideload a few other parts including the Google Apps package and the Disable Alarm zip file to get full functionality.

Full instructions and downloads to get started with LineageOS 21 on Nintendo Switch are available here. A more detailed post on known issues and more can be found on the XDA forums. If you want to learn more about LineageOS 21, check out our hands-on article below:

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