LilyGo T Watch Keyboard C3 mini computer kit

Makers, computer enthusiasts, and hobbyists interested in building their own mini desktop computers may be interested in a new electronics kit sold by LilyGo. The T Watch Keyboard-C3 is now available to buy with prices starting at $19 for the keyboard and speaker if you already have an existing watch or $55 for a full set that also includes the watch that lets you get your hands on everything to build a mini PC like in the photo above.

For more details go to the Liliputing website where links to purchase T-Watch-Keyboard-C3 are now available. Keyboard C3 V1.0 computer systems are equipped with the ESP32-C3 chip, support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and use a compact QWERTY keyboard.

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The T-Watch itself features a 1.54-inch LCD screen, a 240MHz dual-core ESP32-D0WDQ6 microcontroller, only 8MP of memory and 16MB of flash storage. But it supports WiFi 4 and Bluetooth 4, has a USB Type-C port for power and data, and a 3-axis accelerometer (designed to count steps, but may also work with motion recognition or other gestures).

While the system is programmable using Arduino tools and some sample source code are available, CNX Software notes that LilyGo hasn’t provided much documentation for its new keyboard/clock/microcomputer assembly. So buyer beware…or be prepared to figure things out for yourself.”

Source: Liliputing

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