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LaCie presented her new profile mobile drive And the Mobile Drive Secure External Storage Solutions announced this week that Mobile Drive Secure is priced at $99.99 (2 TB), $144.99 (4 TB), $164.99 (5 TB) and LaCie Mobile Drive is priced at $74.99 (1 TB) and $99.99 (2 TB) $144.99 (4 TB) and $164.99 (5 TB).

New external storage drives are equipped with additional hardware encryption including a lock/unlock feature in the LaCie Toolkit. LaCie Mobile Drive Secure differs from LaCie Mobile Drive by giving users an extra layer of data security and confidentiality. Both drives use USB 3.2 Gen 1 USB-C technology and are compatible with USB-C and USB 3.0 computers and tablets.

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“The LaCie Mobile Drive is a simple but distinct product. It is a classic LaCie with noble materials, clean lines and a solid construction,” said Neil Bolton, LaCie storage designer since 1992, while beautifully detailed, it is a forward-looking with sustainable PCR materials and design. Sometimes you design something just right!”

The drives offer up to 5TB of portable capacity and comprehensive out-of-the-box compatibility with PC, Mac and iPad USB-C. One-click automatic backup makes file storage smoother, and ensures 130MB/s USB-C file transfers Seamless experience LaCie Mobile drives are bundled with LaCie Toolkit software for scheduled and on-demand backups and a one-month Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps plan With a three-year limited warranty included and three-year rescue data recovery services, consumers can enjoy extended peace of mind Safely protected against data loss and retrieval costs.

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