Kirk orders the establishment only because of his little Star Trek character

in the annals Star Trek History, Yeoman Colt is a minor character, but she is secretly the reason behind Kirk’s orders to project. Colt, who only made one live appearance, was a pivotal character in Star Trek: Early Journeys During one of the stories, readers learn that Colt has vanished, and that her loss changed history, ultimately derailing Kirk’s career in Starfleet and leading him down a completely different path.

Yeoman Colt’s only live appearance was in “The Cage” Star Trek The first pilot, though Colt’s footage in the episode is later used brilliantly in the two-part episode “The Menagerie”. Colt was a new officer in project at the time, and was initially portrayed as having a strained relationship with Captain Pike; The episode later revealed that she was having feelings for the captain. While Yeoman Colt slipped into obscurity after ‘The Cage’, she was a central character in it Star Trek: Early Journeys. The series, which ran for 17 issues and was first published by Marvel Comics, tells the adventures of project Under the leadership of Captain Christopher Pike, and in issues 13 through 15, readers are treated to an alternative view of history – Starfleet without Captain Kirk.

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In the story of Ian Eddington, Dan Abnett and Patrick Zercher, Yeoman Colt is thrown forward through time, reaching nearly 30 years into her future. The Colt was discovered by James Kirk, but Kirk’s fans don’t know and love him. Instead of the star-studded Starfleet captain, Kirk is a cargo captain, with a diverse crew including Scotty. Kirk’s ship is then intercepted by projectis still under the leadership of Baek, but after he ascended to project, Pike Kirk slugs. Readers learn that because the Colt leaped through time, it was considered missing in action. After her “disappearance”, Kirk, a recent graduate of Starfleet Academy, took her position at project. But Pike, who was still working through his feelings for Colt, resented Kirk, and in time the two came into conflict. Tired of what he saw as Pike’s interference, Kirk left Starfleet, and eventually went the trade route and piloted a freighter.

Colt did of course go back in time, and the schedule was later reset, but it was a great glimpse into not only “The Road Not Taken” but Kirk’s personality as a whole. Although he was not in command projectKirk still had heroic tendencies, and was instrumental in helping Colt get back in time. This graphic of Kirk reverberates in the first hour of 2009’s JJ Abrams Star Trek, which shows Kirk before Starfleet – rough around the edges but with all the greatness that makes it. Pike played a key role in this movie in the heart of Kirk’s life, but in this alternate timeline, he stops Kirk, and that’s the ubiquitous Two-Colt. Pike had unaddressed feelings for Yeoman’s previous one, feelings that led him to resent Kirk, who he felt was not worthy of replacing Colt. It is a testament to Colt’s effectiveness as an officer that Pike felt that even an officer of the caliber of Kirk was an unworthy substitute.

In a worthy development Star TrekHigh sci-fi concept, it turns out that this secondary character, appeared in only one character Star Trek Episode, Secretly Why Kirk orders project – Had she not stayed on Pike’s crew, Kirk would have ended up out of the Starfleet system, even if he was still a champion.

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