Jon Moxley, not CM Punk, was loyal to AEW

When CM Punk returned last year, he was seen as AEW’s savior and saving grace. This was not the case. This guy was already there.

In a world where everyone wants to claim to be the best in the world or the face of a company, Jon Moxley might be the best AEW. The summer of 2022 was supposed to be the summer of CM Punk. A period of hot months that fans couldn’t see from the best in the world during his time with WWE. However, Punk couldn’t follow through on those plans for him. He injured his foot a few days after beating the executioner Adam Page at the World Championships in Double or nothing.

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Moxley was Tony Kahn’s emergency glass breaker after Punk broke his foot while diving in the theater before a three-way match a few days later. double or nothing. The Death Rider won a tournament that culminated in forbidden door, with Moxley taking Punk’s place in a match against Hiroshi Tanahashi and winning the interim title. This temporary mark would eventually get under John’s skin, as he started to feel like he carried AEW on his back as Punk recovered from his foot surgery.

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Over the past few weeks, fans have also seen this story come to a head. Moxley was allowed to crush Punk to unify the AEW World Championship 11 days before Everyone is outside Pay per view. This victory would be short-lived, as The Voice Of The Voiceless regained the title in front of an audience in his hometown of Chicago. What happened next could be the darkest night in AEW history. During a post-All Out media meeting, Punk disembowels Hangman Adam Page and the company’s EVPs (The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega). His words led to a backstage argument between him and several members of the All Elite Wrestling team, including the EVPs he had just buried in front of members of the national media. Not only that, but Punk had been badly injured during his fight with Moxley. So much so that it doesn’t matter if he gets suspended because he’s set to waste so long and require another surgery.

AEW calls Jon Moxley again

With Punk on the shelf once again, Tony Khan made the call to vacate the AEW World Championship entirely this time around. Over the next two weeks, several former champions will participate in the tournament to crown the next champion. After all that Jon Moxley has done for the company over the past several months, it would be a shame not to climb to the top again. set tone for dynamite after the disaster Everyone is outside In the evening, he gave the best promo of his AEW career. His words were goosebumps, as he reminded fans of the company why they were fans in the first place.

Moxley dropped the title to Punk V Everyone is outside Despite being a lifelong jogger. He ended up with the crowds so much that he got support while fighting CM Punk in Windy City. This does not happen. This tournament is an opportunity for AEW to right the wrong of returning the belt to Punk after Moxley carried it so well over the past few months. Even if things didn’t go this way (the guy deserves a vacation, after all), no one can deny that it was Jon Moxley, not the injured CM Punk again or anyone else in AEW, who has been the company’s MVP for the past year. .

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