Jio has additional data plans if you have exhausted your daily usage limit

Reliance Jio, India’s leading private telecom company, offers almost everything a consumer needs. If you are a Jio customer and you have exhausted the daily data limit of your prepaid plan, there is no need to worry; Jio has something in store for you. There are vouchers or 4G data plans that you can buy if you want to have more high-speed data at your disposal. These are very nominal prices and will enable you to surf at high speeds always. These plans are data boosters and will come true once you have exhausted your daily data limit or total data provided by your plan. Let me list the data plans for you.

Jio 4G Data Coupons You Should Know

Reliance Jio has a total of only four data vouchers on offer right now. Note that 4G data vouchers are different from additional data packs. Data vouchers come with the same validity as the active basic plan of the user. So whenever your existing prepaid plan expires, your data voucher will also expire. Let’s take a look at the coupons.

Jio Rs 15 Coupon: The Rs 15 4G data voucher from Reliance Jio is the most expensive 4G data voucher available in the market at the moment if it comes only to offers from private carriers. With this data voucher, users get 1 GB of data.

Jio Rs 25 Coupon: Rs 25 4G data voucher from Reliance Jio comes with 2GB of data. This plan also carries the same validity as the user’s active basic prepaid plan.

Jio Rs 61 Coupon: With the Rs 61 voucher, Jio offers 6GB of data. The nature of this plan is also the same as the above two types.

Jio Rs 121 Coupon: This is the most expensive 4G data voucher from Reliance Jio available in the market right now. With this plan, users get 12GB of high-speed data.

None of these data vouchers offer any other benefits except for a FUP data boost until the expiration of the basic prepaid plan.

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