I’ve played on the best graphics cards for the past two years. This is what I learned.

As we near the end of this graphics card generation, there’s a lot of excitement about what’s coming next for Nvidia and AMD. I am definitely one of those people who is eager to see what Team Green and Team Red have in store, especially if they can do more to prioritize energy efficiency and value to the customer rather than push ahead with power and performance that no one – even the planet – can afford. .

Having said that, I was in a relatively advantageous position for most people as I was already able to play on every current generation graphics card to work, and so I learned a thing or two about the current market situation for the best graphics cards, and where the technology needs to move to the next generation .

Ray tracing is still a work in progress at the moment

Woodcut by an artist and apprentice using taut string and a perspective window to draw a pre-shortened image of a lute, a radial tracing technique developed by Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer. (Image credit: Public Domain)

Ray tracing is a cool technology that has huge potential to create amazing life-like scenes by simulating the way our eyes actually see light, but boy, it’s computationally expensive.

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