It looks like the iPhone somehow becomes a working foldable phone, which is amazing [Video]

Call it Deepfake, or an engineering marvel. Either way, there’s something strange and unnatural about this apparent iPhone that has somehow been modified into a foldable phone.

The video appears to claim to show iPhones that have been modified with the hinge used in the recent Motorola Razr. Yes, the Motorola Razr is a foldable smartphone that is inspired by the original foldable phone and has been around for a few years now. No, there is nothing remotely appealing to me about this so-called iPhone that seems to melt into itself. It’s creepy. and strange.

Moving on, if the video actually shows what it appears to be showing, then this is a unique piece of hardware. Borrowing the hinge from another smartphone seems to be the least of the problems you have in modifying a real iPhone to actually do so.

You can see the camera bumping into the back of the iPhone in the video for a second, but I’m not sure the top of the camera mount is at the correct height for this to be real.

Apple, of course, has research and development for some kind of foldable screen device, but the money on a version of the iPad became foldable before any iPhone.

Is this actually a modified iPhone that actually turned into a foldable phone? Should Apple consider this approach for a real version of the iPhone? Tell us what’s on your mind below.

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