Is iOS 16.5 draining the battery?

iOS 16.5, the latest update from Apple, has been officially launched for a while. However, there are still users who are hesitant to update their iPhone due to concerns about battery life issues. To shed some light on this, iAppleBytes, a popular tech YouTube channel, has done an extensive comparison of battery performance on different iPhone models running iOS 16.5.

In the video, iAppleBytes shares that the test was conducted two days after installing iOS 16.5. This allows the operating system to stabilize before the Geekbench 4 battery performance benchmark test. Geekbench 4 measures the device’s battery life when running processor-intensive applications. By evaluating the device’s performance while the battery is draining, it generates a Geekbench score that reflects the amount of work the device can handle and the time it takes to drain the battery.

As we all know, Apple updates can sometimes affect different iPhone models in different ways. If you are concerned about possible changes in battery life, we recommend that you watch the video to find results specific to your iPhone model.

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